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  Buster characters and strips...

   Dreamy Den title panel
    Dreamy Den
Dreamy Den was always lost in his own make-believe world of
    super-spys, spacemen, vampire-hunters, Jekyll and Hyde
    abominations, gangsters, and P.O.W.s. Whichever persona he
    adopted things would always go awry and our Den would
    invariably be chased, pursued, whacked, clouted or just plain
    harangued out of the final panel...

     Den starts to 'transform'...
    This was a terrific strip - one of the last great anarchic strips to
    feature in the Fleetway weeklies. Artist Ian Knox really went to
    to town for Den with some terrific 'wild' poses for the outraged
    adults, and marvellous contortions for our star - like the Jekyll
    and Hyde episode, above...

     Majo Den bounces around the lunar landscape... 

    The very first strip introduced Den dreaming of intergalactic
    adventure as Major Den, exploring Planet Xeron on his space
    hopper with a fish bowl over his head. Shades of
    Calvin & Hobbes here, of course, but taken to an extreme
    by Mr Knox as Den destroys his father's garden of  "man-
    eating plants" and winds up in the dog-house - literally!...

    Sadly, poor old Den just didn't last long in Buster - just shy
    of fifteen months. Towards the end of his run he was
    intermittently dropped from the comic one week, reinstated
    the next, with the issue dated 10th Sept. 1988 containing
    his final appearance...



  1st appearance:

  27th June 1987


  10th Sept 1988

  Original artist:

  Ian Knox


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