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    Duck Turpin!
    Duck Turpin
Notorious modern-day Highwayman (or Highwayfowl?)
    Duck Turpin attempted to rob the weak and unwitting but
    would fail miserably at every turn. This guy was arrested
    each strip, without exception, and hauled off to the Cop
    Shop. And oddly, both the Police and his intended victims
    showed concern only for his crooked exploits, and not
    for the fact that he was a talking duck!

    Now there's a thought: Surely Duck could have made his
    fortune by presenting himself to the world as a unique,
    talking fowl? He'd have been a Chat Show star and
    endorsements would have rolled in...

    But that would be missing the point of the strip, perhaps.

This daffy duck initially gave us a one-off appearance in
    "Krazy" on 2nd July 1977. There was no fanfare, his strip
    simply appeared out of nowhere ("unbilled", you might say).
    But he returned, seven weeks later, on 20th August 1977
    and he was there in the comic each week onwards, through
    to the penultimate edition on 8th April 1978.

    Duck featured in "Krazy" annuals too and, in 1991, a bunch
    of his strips were reprinted in the "Funny Fortnightly"



  Duck Turpin
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy Comic
  2nd July 1977


  Krazy Comic

8th April 1978

  Also seen in:

  Krazy Annuals
  Funny Fortnightly
  Annual 1991


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