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British TV series

    "The Fantastic Flying Journey" from Two Sides TV / TV-Loonland

  The Fantastic
  Flying Journey
    producers: Two Sides TV / TV-Loonland
    animation: 2D animation

 13 x 30mins

    "Look and see the sun rise on a new adventure,
     where will Belladonna fly today?"

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   On a trip to the Zoo one day Emma Dollybutt, and her twin brothers Ivan and
   Conrad are met by their Great Uncle Lancelot. Only, he doesn't arrive on foot.
   Instead he breezes in on the wind, because Lancelot is a decidely clever chap.
   He has invented a fantastic flying machine which he has named "Belladonna".
   It's a giant balloon with all sorts of gizmos and gadgetry in its gondola.

   But Lancelot's achievements pale next to those of his brother Perceval. He has
   created a magic dust which enables humans to converse with animals. The
   problem is, Lucretia Moore, the head of the world's largest pet food company,
   also knows about Perceval's discovery and she wants that dust. That's why
   Perceval has gone in to hiding. And it's also why Lancelot whisks away the
   the three kids and a dog called Buster, off on a worldwide hunt for the chap,
   with Lucretia and her bumbling assistant on their heels. Fortunately, they
   can call on members of the animal world to aid them on their quest...

   Lucretia Moore in "The Fantastic Flying Journey" from Two Sides TV / TV-Loonland

   First published in 1987, "The Fantastic Flying Journey" was written by naturalist
   Gerald Durrell and was sub-titled "An Adventure in Natural History". The gang
   encounter whales in the Polar Seas, rhinos in Africa, migratory swallows, snakes,
   they visit the Autralian Outback and more. The story featured illustrations by artist
   Graham Percy and this animated adaptation uses his work as a launching pad.

   This is a "classic" adaptation, with a lush soundtrack, rich colours and some
   quality talent providing the voices and steering the production through to the
   screen. Catherine Robins of Two SidesTV executive produced the series,
   alongside John Coates, the prolific and influential producer of "Yellow
   Submarine", "The Snowman", "The Bear", "Granpa" and so many others.
   And sitting atop those voice credits are the names of Miranda Richardson
   (Lucretia) and Simon Callow (Lancelot). Maybe it's a tad "jolly hockey-sticks"
   for some tastes, with its bumbling villains and terribly polite children, but there
   are lots of folks out there who just love this type of story. If you're one of
   them - well - this series hits the spot perfectly...
   TV-Loonland were co-producers. They also brought us the likes of "Clifford
   the Big Red Dog", "Little Ghosts", "The Cramp Twins" and those madcap
   medieval Metalheads.

   As for Gerald Durrell, well he was a colourful and popular naturalist and
   author, wasn't he? His work has been animated before, of course. In 1978
   Cosgrove Hall produced their version of The Talking Parcel...

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     Fantastic Flying DVD

      We have yet to see an official UK release for this series, but
      there's a PAL edition in Australia that's region-free, supposedly:

      Fantastic Flying Journey
      Region-free / Australian / PAL / Fremantle Media

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     based on the book by Gerald Durrell
     with cover art and illustrations by Graham Percy

     director:           Albert Hanan Kaminski
     producers:        Catherine Robins, John Coates
     line producer:    Sarah McDonnell
     writers:            Mark Holloway,
Chris Trengove,
                            Jenny McDade
     music:              Michael Jeffrey
     art director:      Loraine Marshall
     voices:             Miranda Richardson (Lucretia Moore)
                            Simon Callow (Great Uncle Lancelot)
                            Jack Stanley (Conrad)
                            Rob Rackstraw
                            Jane Whittenshaw
                            Andrew Harrison
                            Carla di Meo
                            Joshua Phillips

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