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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
Fifi and the Flowertots

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Fifi and the

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producers: Cosgrove Hall Films for
                       Chapman Entertainment
     animation: stop-motion animation

   episodes: 105 x 10mins

   "Fifi - And the Flowertots,
    Fifi - Forget-Me-Not,
    Fifi - It's a lovely day!.."

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    Fifi the Flowertot lives in a bright and busy garden world with her friends,
    who are a mixture of animated flora and fauna. There's a bee called Bumble,
    Pip the Gooseberry, Violet, Primrose, Poppy, Aunt Tulip, Webby spider
    and others. There's also motoring Mo the Lawnmower, who only Fifi seems
    to understand. Plus, there are the garden's two mischief makers, a wasp
    called Stingo and Slugsy the slug who are always up to something.
    Busy Fifi is always on the go, be it cooking or gardening in and around
    Forget-Me-Not Cottage, or assisting her friends, there's always something
    to do or someone to help. The trouble is, Fifi is a Forget-Me-Not, which
    means she can get charmingly forgetful at the best of times, an frustratingly
    so at others. So it's handy that her pals are always at hand, to keep her
    on course...


    Fifi and her Flowertot world was conceived by Keith Chapman of Chapman
    Entertainment. Keith was the originator of Bob the Builder, and where that
    series has a leaning towards preschool boys, so Fifi reaches out to preschool
    girls. The series was the first to be produced by Keith's titular company,
    which he founded with Greg Lynn and Andrew Haydon. Originally, the series
    was part of a deal with Universal Studios, but when they withdrew new private
    finance had to be found. Cosgrove Hall began animating the £3.5m series
    in January 2004, and the first of 52 episodes reached UK screens
    in May 2005.

    "Fifi and the Flowertots" has an exceptionally catchy theme song, courtesy
    of Alan Coates and Kim Goody, who previously brought us the Tiny Planets
    singalong. And giving voice to Fifi is Little Voice herself, Jane Horrocks,
    who's previous toon credits include The Blobs, Christmas Carol, Hooves
    of Fire, Foxbusters and more...

» Bumble has undergone a namechange for US audiences. They call
        him Fuzzbuzz over there. And Poppy is called Poppady...

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    The Flowertots say "hello"!

Don't forget them!

    Here are all the Flowertots and insects and their homes...

Name            Home
   Fifi               Forget-Me-Not Cottage
   Bumble        Honeysuckle House
          Flowertot Cottage 
     Flowertot Cottage 
   Pip               a Gooseberry Bush
   Poppy          Flowertot Market
   Mo               Forget-Me-Not Garage
   Aunt Tulip     Pineapple Palace
   Grubby         with Aunt Tulip in Pineapple Palace
   Webby         Webby's Web
Apple Tree House
   Slugsy         Slugsy's Den, below Apple Tree House

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Garden gangs

    Fifi and her Flowertot friends are just the latest in a celebrated line of garden
    gangs to have been brought to life over the years. You may recall we've had:

    Bill and Ben             
 The Herbs
 Creepy Crawlies        Manfred
 Gordon Gnome            

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Broadcast info

    "Fifi and the Flowertots" premiered on the UK's Five channel, within
    their "Milkshake!" morning line-up for kids, on May 2nd 2005...

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Current promos/tie-ins

     "Forget-me-not Cottage" - giclee print from The Animation Art Gallery!

     Chapman Entertainment have recently got together with Art You Grew Up With
     to producea selection of fabulous Fifi prints. There are four extra-special giclees
     measuring 19"x 17" and restricted to just 25 signed and numbered editions,
     plus a lovely portrait edition...

Fifi's Picnic                      + Fifi Portrait
Flowertots Sing!                 (500 editions)
Forget-me-not Cottage
Fifi with Cotton Socks

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    Episode titles

    Fifi's Talent Show
    Flowertots Fallout
    Bumble Catches a Cold
    Smelly Slugsy
    Bumble Gets a Makeover
    Bumble Helps Out
    Stingo Gets Stuck
    Flowertots Go Nuts
    Bumble's Big Race
    Blueberry Surprise
    Picture Perfect
    Violet's Party

    Leave it to Stingo
    Mud Spies
    Treasure Hunt
    Sports Day
    Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, Fifi
    Life's a Beach
    Fifi's in Charge
    Hole Lot of Fun
    Knitting Nonsense
    Spotty Pip
    Don't Go Changing
    The Wasp that Cried Ouch
    Primrose's Perfume Pong
    Chocolate Surprise
    Pip Learns to Dance
    Fizzy Business

    The Belle of the Ball
    Flying Lessons
    Fifi's Big Crunch Day
    Fifi's Scarecrow
    Soup of the Day
    Fiddlesticks Fifi
    Fifi's Good Turn
    Forget Me Tot
    Fancy Free Fifi
    Stingo's Shopping Spree
    Fifi Follows the Clues
    Big Band Night
    Daisy Chain Dance
    Fun at the Fair
    Flowertot Babysitter
    Singalong Song
    Pip the Gardener
    Slugsy's Rescue
    Flowertot Rainbow
    Fifi's Frosty Morning
    Poppy's Day Off
    Can We Have Our Ball Back?
    Violet's Big Bracelet

Compost Chaos
Bumble's Afraid of the Dark
Count on Fifi
Poppy the Line Dancing Queen
King Stingo
Hide 'N' Seek
My Friend Fifi
Diggly's Big Adventure
Pip's Playground
Mud Sculptures
Stingo's Naughty Day
Shrinking Pip
Bumble's Special Lunch
Fifi Miss Me Not
Pirate Primrose
Primrose Loses it
Dr Webby
Make Room for Fifi
Slugsy's Song
Stingo's Bridge
Violet's Flower Festival
Pumpkin Pie for Diggly
Rockabye Stingo
Inspector Stingo
Fifi's Busy Day
Dingaling Poppy
Fifi's Film Show
Pip and the Genie
Runaway Mo
Stingo's Enormous Carrot
Fifi's Pancake Fun
Pip's Pony
Aunt Tulip's Carnival
Just One Hornetto
Slugsy Won't Slide
The Flowertot Taxi
Fifi's Happy Day
Fly High Primrose
Lovelorn Slugsy
Fifi's Snowy Fun
Big Blueberry Hunt
Grubby Ahoy
My Fair Bumble
Mystery in Flowertot Garden
Pineapple Palace
Pip and the Wizard
Poppy's Great Race
Snowtime for Pip
Stingo Cleans Up
Stingo Has Visitors

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    Fifi on DVD

     UK DVD

     Okay, brace yourselves. Here are all the standalone releases
     we've had, thus far:

      Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Talent Show

      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / June 2005

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's In Charge
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / October 2005

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Chocolate Surprise
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / March 2006

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Bumper Collection 1
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / March 2006

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fun at the Fair
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / Sept 2006

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Frosty Morning
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / November 2006

Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Happy Day!
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / October 2007

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Snowy Fun
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / Nov 2007

      Fifi and the Flowertots: Bumper Collection 2
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / March 2008

      Fifi and the Flowertots: Bumper Collection 3
      Region 2 / 2 Entertain / May 2008

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Fifi's Carnival
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / May 2009

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Snowtime
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / Sept 2010

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Happy Birthday Fifi
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / May 2010

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Hide and Seek
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / May 2011

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Twinkle Time Bumper
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / July 2011

    There's also a repeat double-bill and a "Best Of" compilation:

     Fifi and the Flowertots: Snowy Collection
     Region 2 / "Frosty Mornin"g & "Snowy Fun" / Nov 2008

     Best of Fifi and the Flowertots
     Region 2 / 2 Entertain / Sept 2008

  spacer number two

     First Series credits

     created by Keith Chapman

     a Cosgrove Hall Films Ltd production
       for Chapman Entertainment

       a Chapman Entetainment production
       for Five in association with Nickelodeon UK

executive producer
for Chapman Ent:
script editor:

theme tune & music:

episode songs:

art director:
storyboard artists:

studio direction:
lighting camera:
assistant lighting camera:
camera assistants:

puppet maintenance:


set dressers:

senior costume maker:
costume maker:
production manager:
production accountants:
production assistant:
computer graphics:

data management:
IT support:
recorded at:
audio post production:
video post production:

creative director:
commercial director:
production manager:
show co-ordinators:


Tim Harper                          
Chris Bowden, Debbie Peers  
Gregory Lynn     
Victoria Wilson  
Gillian Corderoy, Rachel Dawson,
Dave Ingham, Wayne Jackman,
Diane Redmond            
written & performed by
Alan Coates and Kim Goody
Pat Gallagher,
Alan Coates, Kim Goody
Bridget Appleby
Fat City Films, Karen Heywood,
Clinton Priest, John Offord,
Alex Evans, Dave King
Lisa Jane Gray, Tim Collings,
Justin Noe, John Duffy,
Richard Cockerill, Jo Richards
Rob Evans, Dan De Giovanni
Phil Gray, Susan Guy, Barry Purves,
Hayden Secker, Adam Farish,
Richard Haynes, Russell Hicks,
Duncan Kinnaird, Jon Webb,
Tim Allen, Alison Evans, Bob Scott,
Austin Charlesworth, Andy Chapman,
Andy Spillstead, Monica McCartney,
Chris Tootell, Leo Nicholson,
John Ashton, John Oates,
Gareth Love, Andy Joule
Mackinnon & Saunders
Patricia Brennan, Westley Wood,
Laura Fairbrother, Megumi Ogo
Simon Walmsley,
Steve Dee, Ben Cooke
Dominic Lee, John McGuinness
Paul Flannery
Andrea Lord
Georgina Greathead
Paul Galloway Design 
Laura Duncalf
Claire Deane, Sarah Ulyatt
Steve Levinshon
Paul Campbell, Jon Turner,
Haydn Secker, Michael Persson
Flix Facilities Ltd
Pete Kidd, Roy Huckerby
Phil Atak, Matt Horsfield
The Sounddhouse
Hullabaloo Studios
Flix Facilities Ltd
for Chapman Entertainment
Keith Chapman
Andrew Haydon
Emily Whinnett
Clare Harding, Chloe Grant

Jane Horrocks
Marc Silk
Maria Darling
Tim Whitnall


      On the web

      Fifi and the Flowertots
      The official site, with songs and games...

Chapman Entertainment
      Fifi is created and owned by Keith Chapman's busy company...

 Mackinnon & Saunders
      They made the models and props...

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