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   Fleetway Annuals & Specials

    Welcome to what will eventually be a comprehensive guide to our
    favourite fun comic annuals and holiday specials, with cover scans,
    strip details and additional info...
um... eventually...

    Goodness, this really is still in its infancy, but we have to start somewhere
    and rather than create all of these indexes offline in advance, it makes much
    more sense to simply add them to the site as and when they're ready...

                                                       » covers lead to the guides!

    Fun Comic Annuals


     Monster Fun Annual 1977  Monster Fun Annual 1978  Monster Fun Annual 1979   Monster Fun Annual 1980
      1977       1978       1979       1980

     Fun Comic Specials

                                         SHIVER & SHAKE

     Cheeky Summer Special 1978
                                          Shiver and Shake Holiday Special 1980

                                                        WHIZZER & CHIPS            

     Cor!! Holiday Special 1976   Cor!! Holiday Special 1978   Cor!! Holiday Special 1979
               Whizzer & Chips Holiday Special 1971   Whizzer & Chips Holiday Special 1978
      1976        1978        1979
                 1971        1978

      FRANKIE STEIN                                

     Frankie Stein Holiday Special 1979


     Krazy Special 1977   Krazy Special 1978   Krazy Holiday Special 1979
      1977        1978       1979 


all characters and strips © Fleetway / IPC Magazines / F2009