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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

    Frankie Stein Holiday Special 1980
    Frankie Stein
  Holiday Special 1979

   This Holiday Special should probably be retitled as
   "Brian Walker's Frankie Stein Holiday Special" because
   it features a whopping-great 26 page strip drawn by him.
   "Frankie Stein - Time traveller" unspools in four parts.
   Professor Cube wants rid of his not-so marvellous
   mechanical son, so he builds him very own time
   machine. But as usual, Frankie fudges things, and both
   he and his Dad take a timetrip back to the Wild West,
   on to meet some pirates, then way-y-y back to the
   Stone Age...

   Needless to say, things don't go as planned and both
   Frankie and the Professor find themselves back in 1979,
   very much as they started!

   Although Brian walker holds the pen throughout the strip,
   it's Robert Nixon who provides the extra-special centre-page
   giveaway. It's a magnificent full-colour Frankie Stein poster
   that simply appears, unbilled, in the heart of the comic.
   And it's a beauty (You can check it out for yourself in
   the pull-out poster gallery)

   Why on earth wasn't this trumpeted on the cover?

   Elsewhere, inbetween Frankie's tale, some "Whoopee!"
   stars and a bunch of reprinted strips, Ian Knox lets the
   "Monster Movie Makers" run amok, and Alan Rogers
   gives us six pages of "Computer Cop". That chap
   known as "Clayton" also presents us with a page
   of "Monster Mirth"...

   But make no mistake, this is Frankie's special. One
   of his very best, in fact...    

   Featured strips:                        Puzzles & games:

   Computer Cop                            
Fantom Fun!
   Frankie Stein - Time Traveller       
   The Ghost Train                          
Spot the difference:
   Ghoul Guides                             
Frankie Twins
   Gook - TV Spook
   Monkey Nutts                            
Joke pages:
   Monster Movie Makers                
Monster Mirth
   Tell-Tale Tess                             
Freaky Funnies

   Most appearances:
   4 -
Frankie Stein
        Ghoul Guides
        Monkey Nutts
        Tell-Tale Tess
   2 -
Gook - TV Spook



  Frankie Stein
  Special 1979
  Facts & Figures

  Cover stars:
  Frankie Stein
  & Professor Cube


  Cover price:


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