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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...
 Robert Nixon's Frankie...
    Frankie Stein
This fun take on the classic Frankenstein's Monster
   featured the fun-loving, wouldn't-harm-a-fly Frankie, living
   with his mad scientist father - Professr Cube - at Mildew
   Manor. Poor old Frankie didn't know his own strength and
   constantly ended up trashing all and sundry. He was also
   blissfully ignorant of the truth. You see, the Professor
   (aka "Dad") was forever scheming up ways in which to
   rid himself of his way-too-nice offspring. Only, this being
   a Fleetway strip, they would inevitably backfire with
   chaotic results...

Whoopee! Book Of Frankie stein - 1977     Ken reid's Frankie...

   Frankie was a true blue toon star. Perhaps, even THE fun
   star of the Fleetway era, although, if the truth be known
   the munster wasn't a Fleetway creation at all. He was born
   in the pages of Odham's Wham! comic in 1964. But
   Odhams were bought out by Fleetway, and they resurrected
   Frankie in 1973 to become the shining star of Shiver & Shake.

   As we all know, Shiver & Shake didn't hang around for long.
   When that classy comic folded Frankie moved into Whoopee!
   and a year later - and with his popularity soaring - he was 
   given a second weekly role as "Editor" of Monster Fun comic.
   Regular Holiday Specials and Annuals followed too

     Frankie stein Holiday Special - 1978      Frankie Stein Holiday special - 1980

   Frankie's metamorphisis over the years proved quite fascinating.
   Ken Reid's Wham! and Shiver & Shake original was a rather
   gormless creation. But by the time Frankie found his way into
   Whoopee!, Robert Nixon was holding the pen and creating a
   softer strip design, with the accent shifted on to Frankie's
   innocence. Although other artists had a go at Frankie in
   those accompanying specials and annuals they never quite
   matched up to those Reid and Nixon classics.

Fans will remember that Frankie's "Dad", Professor Cube
   was also successful enough to spawn his own strips
   in the specials and annuals...


   Frankie's Star turns

    Frankie Stein Holiday Specials
    1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982

    Whoopee! Book of Frankie Stein
    1976, 1977

    Frankie as Cover star

    Shiver & Shake Annual

    Monster Fun Annuals
    1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984



  Frankie Stein
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  1st Fleetway

  Shiver & Shake #1

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  Ken Reid

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  Rober Nixon
  Brian Walker

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