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  Jackpot characters and strips...
   Freddie - 'before'
    Full O'Beans
Popeye had his spinach. Bananaman had his bananas.
    Any ideas what Full O'Beans had to give him Special

    Here's the lowdown. Normal Freddie was your average,
    ho-hum, ordinary decent Fleetway lad living with his Mum
    and Dad. But when he -"Glock!" - guzzled down a cold can
    of his special beans, he became Full O'Beans Freddie with
    super-strength and speed and agility which he could barely
    contain. But somehow, like umpteen Fleetway stars before
    him, things always seemed to come good in the end...

      Freddie - 'after'

    Actually, Freddie's powers came from "Ben's Beans", a new
    brand of tinned baked beans which he found at his local corner
    shop in Jackpot #1. Our Freddie was the very first person to
    buy a tin and, consequently, he won a prize: as many tins
    as he could carry. Clever Freddie used his new-found powers
    to scoop up every tin of "Ben's Beans" in the store (which
    also just happened to be every tin of Ben's Beans in the world)
    and he stored 'em in the attic of his parents house - crafty, eh?

    But the Big Questions remain:

    Were these beans product tested before they were put
    on the market?

    And what about a label warning of potential side-effects?

    And how can that one store carry every single tin produced.
    Surely there were more at a depot or on a production line

    And most importantly, why are we taking this strip
    so seriously?



  Full O'Beans

  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Jackpot #1
  5th May 1979

  Original artist:

   Tom Paterson

  Often quoted:



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