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    Fuss Pot
    Fuss Pot
Yeah, wasn't she just? - Fuss Pot was the most stuck-up,
   arrogant, irritating little minx ever to grace a comic page.
   She would prance about home and school with her tight
   collar and her pen-nib nose aloft, demanding the very best
   of her parents, teachers and any other unfortunate souls
   in her way. Oh yes, things had to be just-so for our
   Miss Fussy. Fortunately, she would always get her
   come-uppance by the end of the strip. But she was
   never, ever, beaten severely with a hockey stick, like
   she would have been in the real world...
   Fuss Pot originally featured in Knockout, an Odhams
   comic from the 60s which was bought out by Fleetway and
   relaunched in 1971. Its star strips were incorprated
   into Whizzer & Chips when the titles merged in 1973.
   For some strange reason, Fuss Pot was one of those

       Fuss Pot 'fusses' on!...

   Fuss Pot was brought to life by the great Norman Mansbridge,
   who also gave us Wear 'Em Out Wilf  and the ever-young
   Mummy's Boy.

   Incidentally, Fleetway continued to produce a regular Knockout
   annual into the 80s, and our favourite fussy boots featured
   in 'em all. She even starred on the cover of three editions...



  Fuss Pot
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Knockout #1
  12th June 1971

  Also seen in:

  Whizzer & Chips

  Tag line:

  "The fussiest
   girl of the lot!"

  cover star:

  1974, 1975,


  Original artist:



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