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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...
The Ghost
    The Ghosts' Revenge
 The Ghost in question here was a spooky cavalier who'd
    been run-through with as rusty cutlass and beheaded.
    Just for good measure, a ball and chain was manacled
    to his left ankle - in case he felt like running away.

    This unfortunate Ghost haunted the present-day descendants
    of the Knave who did him in. Our Cavalier sought revenge,
    though whether that meant running-through and beheading
    the family was never made clear. Not that it mattered
    much, because these folks didn't seem at all bothered
    by his prescence:

     Gadzooks! - The Ghost seeks revenge...

    Trivia Hounds may like to note that first panel of every strip
    would feature our Knave directing us to the family, or members
    of the family concerned and pointing out to us that they were:

     "...the descendants of ye Knave who
     choppeth off my head..."

    Now pay attention, because this ghost has an interesting
    past. He first appeared in Cor!! comic. Back then, he was
    a cavalier known as Shiver, and he was quite a gloomy old
    soul, who hung around with a ghost called Shake. Their
    names were subsequently co-ordinated in to the title of
    Fleetway's 1973 comic, Shiver & Shake. However, Shiver
    was now the name of a jolly ghost, and Shake was now
    an elephant. Our cavalier had apparently disappeared in
    to the ether...

    Or had he? - Because our self-same Cavalier subsequently
    reappeared inside
Adrian's Wall.

    Thus "The Ghost's Revenge" was Mr Cavalier's third
    Fleetway appearance. It's interesting to note how he was
    far more proactive in this strip, although equally unsuccessful
    with his spooking.
Still, he get marks for his persistance!



The Ghost's
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  May 1974

  1st Annual

  Shiver & Shake


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