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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...

houldilocks was a sweet little spirit who would float around
   town, aiding the needy and taunting the ne'er-do-wells.
   The physics were a bit confused, however. Sometimes this
   spirit could be struck, hit, or bumped by people and objects
   in the real world, and at other times they would pass straight
   through her transparent form. Ah, but was it really about
   "physics" or simply the needs of a pressurised Fleetway
   artist, working to an oh-so-tight deadline...?

   Ghouldi didn't turn up in Shiver & Shake until around about
   May 1973, as a replacement for Adrian's Wall. She floated
   around for just 11 short months. By June 1974 she had
   vanished into the ether...




  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
  May 1973

  last appearance:
  Shiver & Shake #67
  15th June 1974


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