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  Buster characters and strips...

    Good Guy
    Good Guy
Guy was a True Blue Goody-Two-Shoes, always tidying up
   after himself, minding his manners, helping folk out and
   generally behaving impeccably. In fact he was so well-behaved
   he was frequently seen sporting a shiny halo overhead.
   That got right up the nose of Big T, the head of Temptation
   Limited. He and his cronies made it their duty to lead the
   ghastly Guy astray in any way possible. But of course,
   they never succeeded and far too many strips ended with
   a Temptation goon returning dishevelled to Temptation HQ!

   Temptation HQ was never depicted in full, but we saw the
   castle-like entrance on occasion. The wall sconces in the
   hallway held tempting cakes and ice creams instead of

   Big 'T'

   That's Big T above. He hovered around Temptation HQ and
   ordered his cronies to strike at Guy. On occasion he would even
   take on the task himself, without success. It was never actually
   established what the "T" stood for - "Trouble", "Temptation"?

   Anyway, here's the rest of his gang:

   Count Calorie  Finders Keepers

   Count Calorie
   1st appearance: 22nd October 1983    
   The very first character to take on Guy, this vampirific Count
   had a hunger for sweets, cakes and desserts...

   Finders Keepers
   1st appearance: 29th October 1983
   This sneaky fellow urged Guy to filch anything he found
   laying around town....

    Arty Crafty   Mischievous Mike

   Arty Crafty
   1st appearance: 5th November 1983
   All beard and beret and bad temper, Arty was a creative fellow,
   but Guy could see through his "artful" ideas...

   Mischievous Mike
   1st appearance: 12th November 1983
   A nosey interfering no-good. Mike was a naughty schoolboy,
   always looking to cause trouble for Guy...
     Dolly Dilly-DallyLittle NickumAccident Prone

   Dolly Dilly-Dally
   1st appearance: 26th November 1983
   A stout lass in a heart-covered dress, she
sought to make
   Guy late for appointments, school, anything and everything.
had put in appearances in the start and end panels on
   previous weeks, but the date above pinpoints her first
   proper "mission" for Temptation Ltd...

   Little Nickum
   1st appearance: 10th December 1983
   A little "devil" of a lad, always whispering in Guy's ear, trying
   to persuade him into misdeeds...

   Accident Prone
   1st appearance: 14th January 1984
   Again, like Dolly, Prone appeared in the start or end panels of
   those  first strips, but this bandaged goon didn't actually get  
   his first attack on Guy until
the New Year...

     Little SquirtBaron Bratski

   Little Squirt 
   1st appearance: 17th December 1983
   A devilish toddler in a romper suit, Squirt only made one
   appearance before disappearing from Temptation's ranks.
   Trivia Hounds will note that oh-so-rich Milly O'Naire puts in 
   an appearance when Squirt tempts Guy in to squirting her car
   with his water pistol (he actually cleans her number plate
   for her!)...

   Baron Bratski
   1st appearance: Buster Annual 1985
   Like Squirt this dastardly Baron only appeared once in a
   Buster annual, and never in the weekly strips...

   The Good Guy strips wre drawn by the masterful Terry Bave.
   It would appear that he drew each and every strip throughout the
   4 year run. Guy survived the Buster mergers with School Fun
   and Nipper, although after the latter his appearances became a
   little irregular.
The jolly lad hung up his halo in February 1988
   without even once succumbing to Temptation - what a

   By the way, Trivia Hounds should track down the issue
   dated 26th Dec. 1987 in which Good Guy actually teamed
   up with another Buster strip the Winners for a cracking
   Christmas tale...



  Good Guy
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  22nd Oct 1983


  27th Feb 1988

  Original artist:

  Terry Bave


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