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Gook - The TV Spook
    Gook the TV Spook
    No, no, no. Gook didn't dress up in women's clothing.
    He was a ghostly obsessive who watched the box all day,
    and used the device as portal to pass into broadcasts to
    gambol with the presenters, performers and stars.
, those same actors didn't always appreciate Gook's
    visitations. But it was a handy trick. And it meant that
    our funky phantom could also cook up sweet revenge on
    any obstreporous tv folk he encountered around town - which
    is something we'd all like to do, now and again.
    Of course, the phsyics were completely skewed. Gook
    would often interact with performers in a pre-recorded
    programme. And more bizarrely, sometimes those same
    tv stars would pursue him back through the screen and
    into the "real" world. Which suggests that it was Gook's
    tv set which was the real star here. Maybe it was Kelly's
    Telly in an earlier guise....?




  Gook the
  TV Spook
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearances:
  Whoopee! 1976

  1976 - 1979

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