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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...
 Guy Gorilla!
    Guy Gorilla
Guy was a charming, innocent young lad. Butter wouldn't melt
   in his mouth, you know. But peanuts would. You see, young
   Guy had a thing about peanuts. Give him one and the old
   "wibble-wobbles" would start. The next you know, he's gone
   and transformed himself into a rampaging, fifteen
   foot tall gorilla!

   Innocent Guy...   Gut going nuts!

   Remarkably, Guy was somehow able to keep his big secret
   from his mum and Dad, who simply couldn't understand why
   this hulking great ape would keep turning up iun the middle
   of their shopping expeditions, or when they went visiting folk,
   or any number of their everyday haunts. His friends also
   copped it. And after he'd returned to normal, Guy would
   invariably cop it back from his pals, incensed at his
   destructive ways...

   Guy in gorilla form would terrify the bejezus out of his Mum and
   dad. Indeed, Mum would lose her hat and Dad would eject his
   false teeth with fright!

   In the 1984 Whizzer & Chips Annual, we discovered an
   interesting role reversal. An elephant at the local zoo pinches
   Guy's peanuts and turns into a boy!

   And then there was Guy's encounter with a forlorn ickle girl on
   a park bench one day. It turned out she was transformed in to a
   giant frog whenever she tasted prawns (or prawn cocktail crisps!).
   Coo, it must be catching...

   Guy Gorilla takes its title from that of Guy the Gorilla, London
   Zoo's famous resident silverback who was something of a
   celebrity in the 60s/70s. He was often profiled on kids tv
   shows and natural history productions.

    Poor Mum and Dad!

   Gosh, what a simple idea for a strip. And what a simply brilliant
   execution. This was tooned by the marvellous master of mischief, 
   Tom Paterson, who enlivened each and every panel with witty
   asides, snoozing cats, pongy socks, and much gleeful  jibbering,
   as you might expect. But what made it even more fun was the
   juxtaposition of size and mayhem. Quite frankly, no one does 
   manic mayhem better than Mr Paterson!

   In his gorilla form, Guy became a gigantic rampaging lunatic,
   crushing cars and constructions and sending his wee parents,
   townsfolk and various  unfortunates fleeing for their lives.
   And let's face it, there's nowt like a nerdling nerk in a gibbering
   panic to get you smiling!    

 Guy sends 'em packing!



  Guy Gorilla
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whizzer & Chips
  circa 1983


  Whizzer & Chips
  1984, 1988,

  Tag line:


  Original artist:

  Tom Paterson


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