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  Krazy characters and strips...

    Andy - handy with his hands!
    Handy Andy
    Andy was a fleet-fingered soul who could make his hand
   shadows come to life in the blink of an eye. He'd just wave
   his fingers in the air and his creation would take off. Handy
   for getting himself out of sticky situations. Not so clever
   on cloudy days.

   Actually, Andy tended to use lights and lamps when e'er
   he could, and he frequently carried a torch with him to
   assist his "handiwork"...

   The strip always ended with a panel detailing the handshadow
   Andy had just performed, so us readers could have a go. Here
   are the first three creations we saw Andy make:

   Handy Tip - 1   Handy Tip - 2   Handy Tip - 3

   The character design was squarely seventies. Trendy Andy
   sported a spectacular growth of lanky hair, bell-bottoms and
   a double-pocket shirt - like, groovy, Andy...

    Actually, our Andy was a bit of rebel. In Krazy #2, we see
    him and a pal fishing in a private river without a permit. Andy
    creates a water-spouting elephant to drive off the landowner
    and his gamekeeper so our youthful twosome can keep on
    fishing in peace - Tsk, tsk...

    But how exactly did Andy aquire this incredible skill?
    How come he could switch this magic power on and off at will?
    And why did it only seem to work when he created shadow
    that resembled things - I mean, why didn't he create big,
    lumpy, non-descript freaks from time to time? - Obviously
    a different kind of magic was at play here: Fleetway magic.

    Trivia Hounds may like to to note that the strip was actually
    reprinted some years after Krazy's demise in the pages of



  Handy Andy
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy comic #1
  16th Oct 1976

  Also seen in:

  Sept 87 - 88

  Original artist:

  Sid Burgon

  Tag line:

  "His hand pictures
   come to life!"


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