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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

   Harry's Haunted House 'Yah-boo!' - It's The Landlord
    Harry's Haunted House
Harry was a spooky phantom and inhabitant of a crumbling
    property. A friendly spook, as it happened. But Harry's happy
    haunt was consistantly interrupted by a merciless, money-
    grabbing Landlord determined to oust the ectoplasm and
    himself  rent on the tenament. Or even, sell the building on to
    property developers for a handsome profit.
 Of course, the
    Landlord's schemes always backfired and Harry was always
    still happily ensconced in the building at the end of each
    weekly strip...

The Landlord reads Harry the Riot Act...

    But when you look at the situation a little more closely, darn it,
    wasn't Harry in the wrong, squatting in the Landlord's house like
   that for all of those years? Harry haunted the pages of Whizzer
   & Chips for a very long time, appearing in the very first weekly
   edition in 1969, and continuing in the annuals through to the
   1987 edition - that's a lot of lost rent!

   Harry didn't have to tackle the Landlord in every strip, of course.
   In fact the first Whizzer & Chips strip featured Harry's encounter
   with a moustached new owner, whom he quickly sends packing.
   After him came numerous other tenants, salesmen, kids, burglars
   and builders - but they too were inevitably given the willies and
   fled for their lives. Mind you, the extraordinary version of Harry
   which appeared in the 1981 annual was enough to spook even
   the stoutest of souls - yoiks!...

    Harry's 1981 Annual appearance - Spooky!



  Harry's Haunted
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance

  Whizz & Chips #1
  18th Oct 1969


  Whizzer & Chips
  1971 - 1987


  BIG Comic
  Annual 1993


  Funny F'nightly
  Annual 1991

  Original artist:

  Reg Parlett


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