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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

  Hetty and her horoscope!
    Hetty's Horoscope
 Hetty's horoscope was great at predicting the future. Every
    strip would start with a panel like the one above, prophecising
    what was to follow and those predictions always came
    true, though not in the way you might have thought...

    Way back in Whizzer & Chips #1, Hetty's horoscope

   "Today will be a good day for solving problems"

    And it was, sort of. On her way to schoool, Hetty encounters
    a mother with a mewling child in a pram. Helpful Hetty nicks
    the  pram and whizzes the kid round and round the local park
    double quick, hoping to tire the bairn and solve the mother's
    problem. But she just ends up in trouble with the local
    constabulary, charged with "kid nicking". And what's more,
    she arrives late for school. Although, that's no problem
    because school is closed today, due to a heating
    breakdown - Hooray for Hetty! - only she careens into her
    miserable headmistress, Miss Misery, knocking her for six,
    and as punishment she's given a stack of extra homework!


    Hetty herself wasn't a particularly inspired creation, but as
    you can see, those twisted outcomes were often quite

    There was also a twist to Hetty's appearances, because
    despite being a Whizz-Kid at heart, our younfg fortune
    teller reappeared in the early Whoopee! Annuals (1975- 977).
    Something no one could have predicted...



  Hetty's   Horoscope
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  & Chips #1
  18th Oct 1969

  Also seen in:

  The Whoopee!


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