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    Hit Kid
    Hit Kid
Hit Kid was a guy for hire, employed to dish out revenge
    on behalf of put-upon kids everywhere. His price? - lollipops,
    sweets, cakes and fizzy pop, naturally. What did he look
    like under that trilby and shades? - We never saw. He was
    a clandestine figure: an Equalizer for kids.

    O-o-kay, so what revenge methods did he use exactly:
    Did he have a knife? Did he commit random acts of violence
    and vandalism? Ah, no. But he was a dab hand with a
    cork gun, elastic and tacs.

    Though he was a Krazy comic star, this shifty kid sneaked
    into Whizzer & Chips after the the two titles merged, and
    even crossed into the 1981 Whizzer & Chips annual...



  Hit Kid
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