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  Jackpot characters and strips...

   The Nice Family...
    It's A Nice Life
This was a take on tv's "The Good Life", that hugely
   popular BBC sitcom about a middle-class couple turning
   "green"and becoming self-sufficient in suburbia - much to
   their chagrin of their snooty neighbours...
   In this version, the Nice family consisted of father Stan, wife
   Barbara ("Babs") and their two kids.They upped-sticks from
   their safe suburban lives to go live in a gypsy caravan.
   Next door were the Jones - Oliver ("Olly"), Maddie and
   son Roddy. The Jones couldn't bear the sight of the Nice
   family who kept pigs and livestock in the garden and used
   their billy goat - called Dustbin - and a wagon as their "car".
   But of course, this was a Fleetway strip so the tables were
   always turned on the old snobs, leaving them with their
   upturned noses out of joint.

  The Nice Family pay a visit to The Jones'...

   It's A Nice Life was a somewhat lazy concept, coming as
   it did, straight from tv. But it actually proved rather popular,
   surviving right through the three-year run of Jackpot and on
   into the pages of Buster. Up until mid-'86 the strip was a
   double-page affair too. Towards the end of its appearances,
   however, things got messy.

   You see, when Nipper merged with Buster in September 1987,
   It's A Nice Life disappeared one week prior to the event. Then
   on the week of the merger, the strip was one of the four
   featured in a promotion announcing it to be in the comic
   "next week". Only now, It's A Nice Life was being promoted
   as just plain Nice Life, and - well - suffice it to say, the writing
   was on the wall and the strip disappeared altogether within
   a few scant weeks. Mind you, reprints then began to appear
   in Buster Monthly and the rest of those Fleetway repeats -

  Oh-oh - there's a sneaky reference here. It's Stan Nice and
   Ollie Jones, right? Stan and Ollie. And Ollie was always
   getting himself in a fine old mess, courtesy of Stan.
   Well okay, it's not particularly exciting, but this little
   guide exists to point out all the info, small or large,
   exciting or slight...



  Adam and Eva
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
Jackpot #1
   5th May 1979

  September 1987

  Original artist:

  Reg Parlett


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