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  First issue
  Thurs 5th May 1979

  Last issue
  Thurs 30th Jan 1982

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  Free gifts
  #1 - Practical Joke
  #2 - Squirt Ring
  #3 - Magic Numbers card
        game + Why Be Bored
        book covers

Jackpot Annuals
1980 - 1986

  strip info

  1st issue

   Adam And Eva
   Angel's Proper Charlies
   Class Wars
   Cry Baby
   Full O'Beans
   Funtastic Journey
   Good News/Bad News
   The Incredible Sulk
   It's A Nice Life
   Jack Pott*
   Kid King
   Laser Eraser
   Little & Large Lenny
   Marathon Mutt
   Milly O'Naire And
   Penny Less
   Richie Wraggs
   The Teeny Sweeney

   The Terror Toys

  * originally a Cor!! strip



   The Amazing Three
   Big Bear
   The Gold Rush
   The Invisible
   Monster **
   Jake's Seven
   Mike's Bike
   Oh, Brother!
   The Park
   The Perils of Pauline
   Robin Good
   Robot Smith
   Sherlock Jnr
   Time Trip
   Top of the Class
   Will Power
   The Winners

  **from Monster Fun


    Strike it lucky!

    "Jackpot" took its title from Jack Pott, a character
    resurrected from the pages of  "Cor!!". Jack had a
    penchant for gaming and gambling, everywhichway
    he could. Not big-time hussling, of course, just a healthy
    obsession with the gaming spirit... Hmm... Okay, so his
    antics would probably be frowned upon nowadays, but
    back then, it was all just harmless fun...

    As for the comic that borrowed his name, well, it featured
    a familiar mixture of fun strips, with a regular adventure
    strip on the side.
But funnily enough, Jack Pott wasn't
    actually the star character...

    Hold the front page...

    As it happens, Richie Wraggs lead the comic into stores
    for the first four issues, before the comic reverted to a
    different splash cover each week. These featured a
    colourful mish-mash of strip promotions alongside
    news of competitions and prizes glaore.

    Then the Incredible Sulk got a cover turn intermittently,
    from issue 44 to issue 57, before those splash covers
    resumed until, at last,
The Winners stepped up to the
    challenge. They popped up on the front of issue 99,
    then stepped aside for the big 100th issue, before
    assuming cover stardom from thereon to the end
    of the comic's run...

  Jack Pott

    Strip off...
    "Jackpot" appeared to borrow several strips from its
    Fleetway predecessors and companion titles. It also
    featured a number of television-type spoofs...

    TV Spoof strips

    Charlie's Angels                                 
    Angels 'Proper' Charlies
    The Good Life
    It's A Nice Life
    The  Incredible Hulk
    The Incredible Sulk

    Full O'Beans

The Sweeney
    Teeny Sweeney

   Blake's Seven
    Jake's Seven


     Monster Fun's Little Monsters = Gremlins

    Cor!'s Ivor Lott & Tony Broke =  Milly O'Naire & Penny Less

    Whoopee's Bumpkin Billionaires = Richie Wraggs

The Krazy Gang's Sporty = Sporty



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