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     Kelly with his wonderful Telly...
    Kelly's Telly
 Kelly had a fab magic television. When he tuned to a
    TV channel the actors, presenters, props and vehicles
    would come to life and climb right out of his TV set to
    help - or to hinder - his attempts to thwart his
    protagonists or to procure various desirable things. 

    This being a 15" television, all the folks and machines
    who emerged from it were of miniature proprtion. But their
    small size certainly didn't impede the big-time

    So where did this magic device come from? - We're not
    told. There was no "origin" strip for this Fleetway creation.
    In Krazy #1 we're launched straight into a tale featuring
    tv cook Fanny Haddock, who emerges from Kelly's
    television to aid him in his attempt to retreive a ball
    from an angry guard dog...

    But if we delve a little deeper, we soon see that the strip
    actually steals its title and concept from another channel,
    or in this case, Fleetway's rival publishing house,
    DC Thomson. You see, five years earlier Sparky comic
    featured a strip drawn by Les Barton. It was called The
    Wonderful World Inside Ma Kelly's Telly, and it starred
    a collection of curious beanie characters who had to
    react and act out the various programmes that appeared
    on screen when ever the TV was switched on. This strip,
    in turn, had lifted its own concept from two other Thomson
    creations, these being The Numskulls (from The Beezer)
    and The Tellybugs (from Smash!). The begging, borrowing
    and - let's be honest - stealing of strips and concepts was
    quite common at the time, as DC Thomson and Fleetway
    fought for our pocket money pennies!



  Kelly's Telly
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy #1
  16th Oct 1976


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