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Krazy Special 1977
    Krazy Special 1977
   The first Krazy Special features all the usual suspects from
   the weekly comic, with one glaring exception. The Krazy
   Gang are nowhere to be seen!

Instead, Cheeky gets two shots at stardom all to himself,
   as he travels to 
Mudsea for a holiday. Frank McDiarmid holds
   the pen and the puns in his unfumbling hands.

   Did someone say "fumble"? Detective Fumbly spins out
   a two-page yarn as he goes "Digging for Clues" on
   the beach...

   Elsewhere, Thomas Williams takes over Birdman and Chicken
   from Trevor Metcalfe. This five-page adventure sees our duo
   dueling with
Mr Greenfingers and a swarm of sugar-hungry

   Scaredy Cat & Batula by Terry Bave

   But topping the list of star strips is our pal Scaredy Cat.
   This four-page romp sees Scaredy and Squeeky travelling
   to Gruesomtania, where they must battle with Count Batula
   and release Doctor Frogenstein from his amphibious curse. 
   The strip is drawn, as ever, by Terry Bave, and it's a beauty.
   Catty transformations meet Batty transformations as
   Scaredy and the Count slug it out!

   Oh yes. And pendants will note that this publication is
   billed as being a "Special", and not a "Holiday Special".
   Not that it makes any difference to the content or theme...

Featured Krazy strips:                          Joke pages:
Birdman and Chicken                             Krazy Holidays
The Buytonic Boy                                  Talking Objects
Detective Fumbly's (Nut)Casebook
Duck Turpin                                           Puzzles & games:
'Ello, It's Cheeky                                    Krazy Creatures Quiz
   Fit Fred and Sick Sid
   Handy Andy
   Kelly's Telly
   Micky Mimic
   Ray Presto
   Scaredy Cat

   Guest strips:
The Big Bad Wolf  
   Mad Match: Sheriff's XI Vs Robin's Team
   Mad Match: Teachers Vs Schoolkids

   Well, What Do You Know?



  Special 1977
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  by Mike Lacey

  Back cover
  A Krazy stick
  of rock


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