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Krazy Special 1978
    Krazy Special 1978
   The second Krazy special sees The Krazy Gang starring
   in their own strips, unlike last time. Their first is a real
   curiosity, though. Curious, because there's no title panel
   on the strip. It's drawn by "David" of Mum's the Word fame
   and we just launch right in on page 26. Cheeky leads the
   gang into noxious waters as they encounter Pongo
   Snodgrass at the beach, and it ends with Pongo momentarily
   transformed into a super-clean version of himself. Yep, that's
   right, a pongless Pongo is revealed!

   Cheeky is still let loose on his own, though. He stars in a
   trio of "Cheeky Chuckles" pages, with the three-panel puns
   drawn by Jim Watson.

   Elsewhere, Thomas Williams takes over "Birdman and Chicken"
   from Trevor Metcalfe, like he did the year before. This time, the
   featherbrained duo are dueling with Yon Black Knight in a
   five-page tale...

   The Buytonic Boy is busy too. A five-page adventure leads to
   a literal clffhanger, with Steve hanging off a seaside cliff. Five
   further pages reveal his fate...

   Detective Fumbly and his constabulary pals take a "Working

   And there's a one-off wonder, starring a chap called Eggbert
   Little. The immensly-long strip title takes longer to read than
   the actual strip. It's again drawn by that chap "David"...

   But best of all, "Mad Match" wades into wholly incorrect
   waters as the British Navy take on a team of miniature
   German U-boats - er - in a swimming pool!

   Just like the 1977 edition, this release is billed as being
   a "Special" and not a "Holiday Special". Not that it makes
   a jot of difference to proceedings...

   Featured Krazy strips:                          Joke pages:
Birdman and Chicken                              Cheeky Chuckles
The Buytonic Boy                                   It's a Krazy World
Detective Fumbly's (Nut)Casebook           Krazy Numbers
Fit Fred and Sick Sid  
Handy Andy                                           Puzzles & games:
Hit Kid                                                   Krazy Puzzle Time
Kelly's Telly                                           Space Criss-Cross
The Krazy Gang                                     Words               
   Micky Mimic
   Scaredy Cat
   Guest strips:

The Big Bad Wolf
Mad Match: Brainies Vs Dimwits
Mad Match: British Navy Vs German U-Boats
Mad Match: Britons Vs Romans
Mad Match: Huntsmen Vs Yokels

Well, What Do You Know?
   One-off wonders:
   The Amazing, Terrific, Fantastic, Unbelievable
   Eggbert Little, Child Genius Superstar!

   My Holiday Snaps



  Special 1978
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Dodgems Fun
  by Mike Lacey

  Back cover
  A Krazy


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