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Krazy Holiday Special 1979
    Krazy Holiday Special 1979
   The third Krazy special was actually the first to bill itself
   as a "Holiday" edition. Mike Lacey's cover is superb, but
   alas, the holiday theme continues inside with many of the
   comic's stars seemingly on vacation too. There's no
   "Cheeky", "Paws", "Ray Presto" or "Detective Fumbly", and
   the remaining characters are, on the whole, reduced to
   one-off appearances. "Duck Turpin" is an exception,
   similarly three guest strips in the form of "The Big Bad
   Wolf", "Mad Match" and "Well, What DoYou Know?"
   These still appear frequently, presumably because
   they're cheap-to-run reprints...

   Fleshing out the content are a plethora of what we'll call
   one-off wonders. These are standalone strips, jokes,
   puzzles and spoofs, which are equal parts hit and miss.
   Those hits include:

   Nigel Edwards guiding us through "Basic Carpentry
   Lesson 96"...

   "Tracks Trouble", which is a busy puzzle page, drawn
   most distinctly by Steve Bell...

   But best of the bunch is "The Penguin" which retells an
   old joke very well indeed. It's drawn magnificently
   by Ed McHenry...

   The penguin by Ed McHenry

   As for the rest of the Special, well, Thomas Williams once
   more assumes responsibility for a new "Birdman and Chicken"
   strip. This time, the duo shake down The Jellyman...

   Scaredy Cat takes a four-page holiday with Terry Bave,
   but - yah-boo! - he only makes one transformation...

   And "The Buytonic Boy" has another two-part cliffhanger,
   spanning eight adventurous pages...

   Regular Krazy strips:
                         Joke pages:
Birdman and Chicken                           Crab's Eye View
The Buytonic Boy                                Renta-Robot
Duck Turpin                                        Tracks Trouble
Fit Fred and Sick Sid
Handy Andy                                        Puzzles & games:
Hit Kid                                                Krazy Puzzle Time
Kelly's Telly                                         Shells
The Krazy Gang 
   Micky Mimic
   Scaredy Cat 

   Guest strips:
The Big Bad Wolf 
Mad Match: Cavaliers Vs Roundheads
Mad Match: Farmers Vs Animals

   Well, What Do You Know? 

   One-off wonders:
1001 Things To Do
   Basic Carpentry Lesson 96
   Daft Dictionary Definitions
   Experts Advice
   King Canute
   The Magic Wish

   Message Received! (And understood...?)

   The Old Jokes Home
   The Penguin
   Silly Strips
   Visit Seaview Guest House



  Krazy Holiday
  Special 1979
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Shark Fun
  by Mike Lacey

  Back cover
  A Number 7
  to pin to your
  sports vest


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