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  Krazy characters and strips...

   Ed and Blue...  Cheeky...   Liz...
  Sporty...  Brainy...   And Freaky...
    The Krazy Gang
The Krazy Gang was Krazy's lead strip. They were a gang
   of kids, fashioned after those 70s tv stars the Double-Deckers.
   Each member had their own identifying trait, and in spite of
   themselves, the gang always seemed to overcome their
   agressors, be they 'swag'-shifting burglars, annoying Park
   Attendents, rival gangs or parents.

   Ed was the leader and Blue his sneaky parrot. Cheeky was
   the - er - cheeky one. Liz was actually Showbiz Liz who
   really, really wanted to zig-a-zig-ah - er, be a star - Then
   there was Sporty (Spice), the athletic one. Brainy was
   indeed, quite brainy. And Freaky. Well, he was a many-eyed,
   school tie-wearing, hovering alien. Naturally.

   The Gang hung out together in a ramshackle hut in the heart
   of Krazy Town. The centrepages of Krazy #1 displayed a full
   colour map of the town, and showed the hut as being on waste
   ground between the sports ground and the local pool. Their
   main rivals were a sneering trio known as The Brown Street

   In their premiere appearance we were introduced firstly
   to Ed, who took us to meet the rest of his gang. Regular
   protagonist Pongo Snodgrass also got his nose in before
   the gang whizzed off to introduce the rest of Krazy's new
   strip stars, in turn.

   Though the gang were a hit as a whole, it was Cheeky
   who leapt to immediate comic fame with the readers and
   within a year he had his very own comic, called appropriately,
   Cheeky Weekly. You'll find more on him here

   Meanwhile, the Gang survived Krazy's merger with Whizzer
   & Chips in 1978, and continued to appear each week in
   the Chips section of the comic until February 1986, when
   they were finally dropped to make room for Town Tarzan...

   Krazy cameos

   The Krazy Gang strip successfully generated a number
   of regular character cameos - unusual for a Fleetway
   creation. And this cameo element was taken to extremes
   with Cheeky, when he branched into his own strips and

   Walter Wurx
    Walter Wurx
    He had continuing problems with a dysfunctional bladder
    which was regularly set off by the gang, to great hysterics.
    (Gosh, you couldn't do that now, could you?)

Gloomy Glad
     Gloomy Glad
     She was a miserable minx who was followed about town
     by a small black cloud of gloom and rain. (Oh great, now
     we're laying in to those poor folks with depression...)    
   Pongo Snodgrass
     Pongo Snodgrass
     And then there was Pongo... He was a foul filthy wretch
     who bore a passing resemblance in design to Rupert Bear's
     pal Raggey. Pongo wallowed in all things gloriously gooey,
     sticky, stinky, mildewed and rotten. He would play tricks
     on the Gang with mouldy cheese, old socks and curdled
     cream which almost always backfired. But Pongo didn't
     care, he relished the filth.

     Interesting that he was born around the very same time as
     Raymond Brigg's classic mildewed creation, Fungus the
     Bogeyman. Anyway, Pongo eventually got so popular for a
     cameo he was given a filth-ridden sidestrip, Pongalongapongo,
     in which he concocted all kinds of foul tricks, jests and japes...



  Krazy Gang
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy #1
  16th Oct 1976


  Whizzer & Chips
  8th Feb 1986

  Original artist:

  Ian Knox

  Other artists:

  Bob Hill


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