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  Short British Films &  TV Specials
    "The Legend of Lochnagar" (S4C / Dave Edwards Studio / A G Garrick Ltd)

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The Legend
  of Lochnagar

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producers:  The Dave Edwards Studio Ltd
                     for S4C Channel 4 Wales

  animation:  2D animation
     run time:  26mins

   "The Old Man had been around a long time,
    and thought he knew about everything - But he didn't!"


    The Old Man of Lochnagar is a jolly Scottish fellow with a big bushy white beard
    and a penchant for baths. But the world keeps intruding upon his warm water
    wallowing, so he's set off to a cave half-way up the nearest Munro, where he
    can pipe the good stuff from a babbling stream and fill his tub till his heart's
    content. Only, unbeknownst to the Old Man, his cumbersome plumbing has
    intruded upon the home of the piskie-like Gorms. These miniature folks live
    beneath the ground, where they make, paint and plant all the flowers of Scotland
    - planting them from the bottom up, wouldn't you know. Now, as coincidence
    has it, the Gorm King has just invented a bagpipe-like musical contraption he's
    calling a Shrunkler. And this Shrunkler shrinks plants down to seeds when it's
    played, which means the Gorms will now be able to save themselves a heap
    of time and trouble when they're working. They can plant these seeds and get
    them to grow brighter and bushier than ever with just a few drops of  water.
    But the Old Man of Lochnagar's big brassy bath pipe is thrusting into the
    middle of their Gormpire, and pretty soon
they're engulfed by a wild wave
    of waste water that washes the Shrunkler away, and the Gorn King's
    children with it...

   "I'm just an old man - I wanted a bath! -
    No one likes a dirty old man!"

    This sploshy tale has Royal connections, don't you know. It was written
    by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and it's based
    upon a story he told his princely young brothers, Andrew and Edward
    to amuse them during a voyage on H.M.Y Britannia.
The Old Man of
    Lochnagar (Picture Puffin)
features illustrations by architect, painter and
    author Sir Hugh Casson (1910-1999) and it was first published in 1980 in
    aid of The Prince's Trust charity. The Old Man lives in a cave close to the
    corrie loch of Lochnagar, a mountain which overlooks the royal estate
    at Balmoral.

     Frith & Bria in "The Legend of Lochnagar" (S4C / Dave Edwards Studio / A G Garrick Ltd)   The Old Man of Lochnagar gets shrunkled in "The Legend of Lochnagar" (S4C / Dave Edwards Studio / A G Garrick Ltd)

    Produced by the Dave Edwards Studio, in Wales (!), this adaptation
    eschews Sir Hugh's watercolour figures in favour of Siriol-type cartoon
    characters and the story is truncated to fulfil the needs of its half-hour
    commission. If you're looking for a highlight, this viewer welcomed the
    Old Man's shrunkling scene, which includes some great extreme poses. 
    The film makers have also
championed that Royal connection by having
    Prince Charles appear on screen within a pair of live-action bookends.
    The Prince recalls the story to a goggle-eyed collection of children who've
    assembled in his stately home. He isn't the most natural of storytellers,
    but it's all for charity, folks, and the story's inner theme of natural harmony
    is something that's close to Charlie's heart, so the film gets a pass for having
    its heart in the right place. And at the end we're left with a hint that this
    Tall Tale may not be quite as tall and  made-up as the kids orignially think...


    By Royal Appointment

    Prince Charles isn't the first Royal to enter animated realms, of course.
    The Duchess of York previously introduced us to Budgie, the sprightly
    helicopter. And if you want on-screen cameos, you'll recall the Queen played
    a sizable role in the story of The BFG. Queen Victoria also played some Great
    games with Bob Godfrey and Isembard Kingdom Brunel, and recently, she
    teamed up with Aardman Animation to tackle the nefariouas Pirate Captain
    and his mottled, motley crew in "The Pirates! an Adventure with Scientists".


    Broadcast info

    "The Legend of Lochnagar" premiered on 24th April 1993...


     Lochnagar on DVD

     UK DVD  The Legend of Lochnagar
Region 2 / Delta Home Ent. / March 2007


      © A G Carrick Ltd 1980

      illustrations adapted by The Dave Edwards Studio Ltd

      based on the illustrations by Sir Hugh Casson
      © A G Carrick Ltd 1980


      with His Royal Higness the Prince of Wales

      produced in Wales  by The Dave Edwards Studio Ltd
      for S4C Channel 4 Wales
      in association with  BBC Scotland, BBC Wales,
      and ABC Entertainment with financial assistance from the CTG 

animation director:

script associate:
associate producers:
executive producer:
art direction:
music score:
animation editor:
live action editor:

additional sketches:
key animators:

animation assistants:

colour styling:
ink paint & camera:
far east camera
uk rostrum camera:
uk line test camera:

lighting cameraman:
location sound:
make-up designer:
assistant floor manager:
production assistant:
live action cast:

lighting cameraman:
studio manager:
computer effects:

ink & paint:

production accountant:
production assistant:
production manager:
production executive
for S4C:
recorded at:

dubbing engineer:
recording director:

voice talents of:

other voices:

Dave Edwards
Chris Fenna
Jocelyn Stevenson
with Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy

based on a story by
His Royal Higness the Prince of Wales

Bob Wilson
Mike Young, Kenneth MacQuarrie
Christopher Grace

Dave Edwards, Chris Fenna
Heneghan & Lawson
Terry Brown
John Richards
Beverly Bush, Ian Henderson,
Michael Rose, Graham Howells
Paul Salmon, Tom Bailey
Mark Morgan
Colin White
Pat Savage, Adrian Edwards,
Russell Brooke, Steve Thomas,
Mike Price, Steve John,
Robert Brown, Clinton J Priest,
Shane Doyle, John Tynan,
Phil Morris, Chris Webster,
Gary Owen, Jimmy Farringdon,
Mike Whaite, John Offord,
Alastair Fell, Judy Howieson,
Mair Thomas, Jean Scott,
Dan Whitworth, Michael Schlingmann,
Tim Massa, Junco Aoyamma,
Mark Broecking, Clair Grey,
Andreas Wessel-Therhorn,
Tom Newman, Panagiotis Rappas
Ken Hayes, Toni Ardolino,
Jackie Mitchel, Anne Daniels,
Tom Petith, Steve Hayne,
Pierson Lippard, Judy Pilsbury,
Heather Doyle, Duncan Harris,
Ashley McGovern, Karen Heywood,
Jennie Langley, Helen Michaels,
Nicolla Marlborough
Michael Roberts
Susannah Light, Anna Louise Roberts
Moving Images International

Nic Jayne
Peter Jones
Martyn Yates

live action sequence

John Hefin
Ken Griffiths
Ashley Rowe
Richard Dyer
Pauline Harrison
Mecheal Taylor
Marianne Grigg
Julia Jones
Catrin Stenner
Georgina Gordon
Kevin Higgins
Brian Forter
Kevin Rudge
Giles Donald, Eliza Ferguson,
Sophie Aylard, Alex Burrell,
Catriona Lexy Campbell, Sioned Eurig

special effects shoot

Jan Richter-Friis
Dick Slade
The Moving Picture Company

Dave Edwards Studio

Samantha Yates, Carol Leslie,
Lisa Pike
Margaret Stanley
Trina Flower
Philip Watkins

Huw Walters
Magmasters London
Saunders & Gordon London,
Murricane & Murricane Glasgow
Billy Mahoney
Stu Rosen

thanks to Sir Julian Hodge
and to the National Museum of Wales

Robbie Coltrane (Old Man of Lochnagar)
Nick McArdle
Hannah Gordon
Victoria Bowstead
John Hamilton
Christopher Barrie
Amy Dowzell
Kimberley Dowzell
Hywell Nelson
John Hunter
Lucy Borton
Alana Huson
Susan Sheridan


     On the web

     Sir Hugh Casson
     His official, posthumous web site...

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© S4C / Dave Edwards Studio /A G Garrick Ltd / F2012