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British TV series


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  Ludwig     (1977)
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producers:  Mirek and Peter Lang
   animation: 2D animation

     episodes: 25 x 5mins


    "I've know idea what, or who, it is.
     Or why it makes music..."


     What is Ludwig, exactly? - Magpie doesn't know. Hedgehog doesn't know.
     And neither does Owl or the other forest critters who encounter him.
     Even our helpful birdwatching naturalist doesn't know.

     All that they, or anyone, knows is that Ludwig is a many-faceted gemstone
     with retractable arms and legs, and the ability to fly via a helicopter blade
     which extends from his head. His cavernous body hides inumerable useful
     objects, including a title card, via which we know his name - because our
     Ludwig doesn't speak. But there is music, sweet symphonic music.
     You see, Ludwig likes to play the violin and his every action is underscored
     by stanzas from his favourite composer, because Ludwig has evidently
     taken his name from that of the masterful composer Ludwig Van

    Get down with Ludwig...

    "Ludwig" is the proverbial curate's egg. The concept is both bizarre and
    unforgettable. An alien egg with a penchant for Beethoven? - How ridiculous!
    How very clever! - The character's origins are never revealed. He simply
    arrives in the woods one day and decides to stay. Which is a jolly good
    thing, too, because he's able to help those forest folk in so many different
    ways. And just in case we get a tad confused by proceedings, the
    ever-present birdwatcher/naturalist is on hand to explain what's afoot.

    Magpie and the derstalker-wearing naturalist...

    "Ludwig" arrived in 1977 coutesy of father and son team, Mirek and
    Peter Lang. Mirek had previously created animated sequences for the BBC's
    "Vision On". And if Peter's name is particularly familiar, that's because he
    went on to become one half of Cut-Out Animation, whose credits include
    the equally-masterful Pigeon Street. "Ludwig" is animated in that familar
    attractive, cut-out style. The series defies definition, just like another
    'seventies tv gem BOD. And therein is its enduring appeal. "Ludwig"
    hails from the days when creative folk could think freely, and let their
    creations take flight as they deemed fit. He was never conceived
    to be a lunchbox star. He has no eyes, and no mouth with which to
    engage. Yet he remains completely engaging.

    What's he all about?
    What else is hidden inside his strange person?

    Once you've met this perculiar character, you're unlikely to forget him...
    or her... or whatever "he" is...

» Listen out for the high-pitched chatter of Magpie and that birds.
       It sounds like it may well be speeded up dialogue. You certainly get
       the hint of a word-or-two in all that tribbling....


     Ludwig Episodes

     The Arrival          Skating
     Hiccups              Sculptor
     The Hooter          Umbrellas
     Glue                   The Ball
     Kites                  The Coin
     Tennis                Bubbles
     The Swing           


    Ludwig on DVD/VHS

13 Ludwig episodes previously appeared on a stand-alone VHS
     release. Plus, "The Arrival" was also included in a TV Faourites

   UK DVD  Ludwig
                Region 2 VHS / Contender / April 1999

   UK DVD Children's Seventies TV Favourites - Vol. 1
                Region 2 VHS / Contender / February 1998


     created by Mirek and Peter Lang

     storylines:       Jane Tann, Susan Kodicek
      music :
            Luwig Van Beethoven
  Paul Reade
     post-prod:        David Yates Ltd
     voice:              Jon Glover


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© Mirek Lang 1977 / F2006