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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

    Lunchin' Vulture
    Lunchin' Vulture
 "Luncheon Voucher" - geddit?

    This bald-bonced vulture with a sticking plaster on his
    forehead was constantly scouring the desert scrub in
    search of his next meal. Yep, it's that old Fleetway
    favourite theme of the critter with an ever-hungry tum.
    Witness Desert Fox, Ginger's Tum, The Wolf Pack, etc.

    Lunchin' Vulture gave us a few fine nuggets to savour.
    Witness Whoopee! #15, where he attempts to catch
    and eat a lost baby (I kid you not!). He even dresses up
    in a bonnet and urges  the toddler to "come to mummy!"

    Superb, eh?

    Well, there's only so much baby-eating a bird can take.
    and this old bird flew off just a handful of months after the
    comic launched...




  Lunchin' Vulture
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974


  1975, 1976
  Monster Fun


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