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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...

    Mad Match
    Match of the Week

    Each week, Match of the Week foced on a "mad" game
    of football between two cockeyed teams.
So we had
    teams of Shop Staff Vs Customers, Bus Drivers Vs
    Conductors (an all-ticket affair), Snow White Vs The Bad
    Witch and as many different loopy combinations as you
    can imagine

    This being Fleetway footy, any conceivable method to
    beat the opposition would be employed. Hence when we
    saw Cops Vs Robbers (ShSh#2) in The Stolen Cop Winners
    Cup, the Cops set their patrol dogs on the Robbers, the
    Robbers snared the Cops in their own handcuffs, then the
    Cops distracted the Robbers' striker by placing a fake
    jewellers window next to the goal.

    You could say it was a forerunner to the Premiership.


      Cowboys Vs Injuns  Cops Vs Robbers

    Originally this was a strip in the Shake section of Shiver
    & Shake and its companion Annuals.

    The very first match was a Western League Cup Tie between
    Cowboys and Indians (ShSh#1). After a year's worth of
    stupidity the strip bowed out with a Cup Final Match featuring
    Ref's XI Vs Spectators (ShSh#52) which, after various
    shenanigans, ended  with the disgruntled supporters in the
    stands taking to the field to show them all how a "real"
    footy match should be played...

    Match of the Week experienced several different title changes
    over the years. Originally its full title was Shake's Match of
    the Week. But in its 1974 and 1975 Annual appearances
    it was retitled Match of the Year.

    In 1978 that very first ShSh strip was reprinted in the
    Krazy Annual, only now it was called Mad Match.

    It's interesting to note that the very first strip was drawn
    by Mike Lacey, but the second week saw Mike Brown
    holding the pen. Lacey  then returned to draw the majority
    (if not all) of the subsequent matches...



  of the Week  
  Facts & Figures

  Also known as:

  Shake's Match
  of the Week
  Mad Match
  Match of the Year

  1st appearance:

  10th March 1973


  ShSh #52
  2nd March 1974

  Also seen in:

  Krazy Annuals

  Original artist:

  Mike Lacey

  Other artists:

  Mike Brown


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