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British Movie Toons

     The Magic Roundabout movie

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   The Magic
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ducers: Pathe / Magic Rights / M Danot
CGI animation
      run time: 90 mins



     Oh calamity! - Daft Dougal has accidentally freed Zebadee's nemesis from
     the confines of the Magic Roundabout. Now Florence is a captive, Dougal's
     been sent to Coventry, and unless Brian, Dylan and Ermintrude can recover
     three magic diamonds, Zeebad will plunge the world into a perpetual ice age...

 It's the Magic Garden here, but not as we used to know it. The red, white
     and blue of the original has been dipped in naturalistic hues, and Dougal
     ripples along on airbrushed waves. It's all been programmed by Dave
     Borthwick's bolexbrothers, in an Anglo-French alliance based in Bristol
     and Marseilles. Pre-production commenced in June 2001, but the project
     wasn't properly ramped up until October 2002, when Pathe Pictures
     fanfared the feature for the world's press.

.    The reimagining is completed by a star-studded voice cast, replacing
     Eric Thompson's original narration and characterisation. At the 2003
     Animated Encounters event, in Bristol, the producers revealed that rocker
     Ozzy Osbourne was once considered for the lead role. In the end we got
     pop-rocker Robbie Williams as Dougal, playing opposite pop-princess
     Kylie Minogue, as Florence. Kylie also provides sings the catchy title song.
     A second notable voice change was that of Zeebad. Richard O'Brien was the
     first star touted for this villainous role, but Tom Baker is the voice on the
     finished film...

 » "The Magic Roundabout" opened 10th February 2005 across the UK.


     De Gaulle=Dougal=Doogal

     In the UK, "The Magic Roundabout" is something of a teatime institution.
     In America, however, the series' pedigree is unknown. Thus, in the twelve
     months between the British and American releases for the film, a whole
     garden's worth of changes have been undertaken.

     Initially, the movie was to have been retitled "Sprung: The Magic Roundabout".
     But instead, the American distributors - the Weinstein Co. - have taken their
     title from that of our droll star. Only spelt different. It's now called "Doogal".

     And there are voice changes a-plenty. Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi
     Goldberg, William H Macy, Kevin Smith and Jon Stewart
have taken over the
     mike ahead of our lesser known Brits. Ian McKellen is still there, though.
     But Judi Dench has skipped in too, from somewhere, and the distributors
     tells us that the film is from the creators of "The Fairly Odd Parents".

     How fitting that a French series, which was re-cut and shaped by us Brits
     should now be recut and reshaped by those pesky Americans. Why, the
     Roundabout's turned full circle - what? what?

» "Doogal" opens in the USA on 24th February 2006.



     Here in the UK, there were licensing tie-ins a-plenty when the film launched.
     Most notably from Vivid Imagination (plush toys, talking toys and beanies),
     Blueprint (stationery) and Thornton's (scrummy chocolates!). Plus there was
     the almost inevitable Kellog's promotion, with free pen-toppers being made
     available in special packs of "Rice Krispies" and others....

      Magic Roundabout pencil toppers in boxes of  Rice Krispies   Tesco's exclusive Dougal cake!


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    The Magic Roundabout on DVD

    UK DVD The Magic Roundabout - Special Edition
             Region 2 / Pathe / July 2005


     Pathé Pictures/Magic Rights Limited/M Danot
     Based on the characters created by Serge Danot

    directors:        Frank Passingham, Dave Borthwick, Jean Duval
    producers:      Andy Leighton, Laurent Rodon, Pascal Rodon
    writers:          Paul Bassett, Tad Safran,
                         Stephane Sanoussi & Raolf Sanoussi
    music:            Mark Thomas 
                         Magic Roundabout theme sung by Kylie Minogue
    voices:           Robbie Williams (Dougal)
                         Kylie Minogue (Florence)
                         Ian McKellen (Zebadee)
                         Tom Baker (Zeebad)
                         Jim Broadbent (Brian)
                         Bill Nighy (Dylan)        
                         Joanna Lumley (Ermintrude)
                         Ray Winstone (Soldier Sam)
                         Lee Evans (Train)   


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© Pathe Pictures / Magic Rights Ltd / M Danot / F2006