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  Monster Fun characters and strips...

    Martha's Monster Make-up
 Martha owned a fantastic jar of make-up cream. Just one
   little application and it'd transform your face into that of a
   hideous, slobbering beast, or bring festering boils and
   pustules to your limbs, or - well - just generally
   "monsterize" you. Let Martha show you:

   Martha dons her make-up... And scrunges into monster form!
   The effects weren't permanent, however, so lots of
   scrunging fun could be had, with all traces of hideousness
   disappearing in just a swift few minutes. Unless you
   were hideous to begin with, of course.

   In Monster Fun #1 we learn how Martha acquired her magic
   make-up. It seems her father worked as a caretaker at Mallet
   Horror Films studios (Mallet = Hammer - geddit?). He'd found
   the monstrous jar whilst cleaning out the dressing rooms and
   let Martha take it away. Of course, he didn't know about its
   monstrous capabilities, did he?

  Yoiks! - What a monster!

   And, my, what monsters we got. Martha had much malevolent
   fun morphing body parts into monsters - from toes, to hair.
   Ah, but what about long term prospects? - I mean, this wasn't
   exactly a High Street purchase. Had it been tested? Who knows
   what damage and degeneration she was building up for the future
   - for herself, as well as the unfortunate souls she would secretly
   apply the stuff to. Still, morality aside, this was a great strip
   drawn horribly well by the monster master, Ken Reid....




  Monster Make-up
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Monster Fun #1
  14th June 1975

  Original artist:

  Ken Reid


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