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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

     Bangers & Mash

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   Bangers and Mash
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   producers: FilmFair for Central Television
2D animation
      episodes: 24 x 5mins


    "Bangers and Mash, Bangers and Mash,
     Them chimps are imps there ain't no doubt..."


    Bangers and Mash are a pair of mischievous young chimps. They live at
    Number Three, Tree Street with their Mum and Dad, and just like regular kids
    they get up to all manner of noise and nuisance in the course of each exciting
    day. Not that they go looking for trouble, as the title song says:

    "They never mean to do no harm, but you can guarantee,
     They'll upset the apple cart, though accidentally,
     Mash and Bangers' clangers come about quite frequently..."

    And those clangers usually involve the poor folk around their home town of
    Chimpton. People like Dr. Chinwobble, their teacher Mrs Chum, Aunt Lil, Gran,
    Bert the bus driver, or the overworked Postchimp. The chimps' best friend is
    pretty Petal, with whom they have something of a love-hate relationship.
    You don't want to mess with her! Several escapades seem to involve the
    Chimpton Zookeeper and his wandering elephant Chumbo, or the Duck
    who lives on the local pond.

      Mrs Snitchnose

    And then there's Mrs Snitchnose. She's a rat. And a witch. A Witch-rat, then.
    She lives in an old length of pipe, and she flies around Chimpton, casting spells
    and taunting folk - like the time she switched the road signs round, so the
    directions to Banana Hill and Chimpton Hill were all about face. But she's
    had her come uppances too. Bangers, Mash and Petal once sent
    onion-carrying frogs into her house to disrupt her witches' gathering...

    Some freewheeling FilmFair fun here from the folks behind The Blunders.
    The series is adapted from the popular books by Paul Groves. Jonathan
    Kydd (Tom in Pipkins) adds a gleeful narration that's stuffed with sniggers,
    japes and asides:

    "They're all sticking in the sticky toffee!
     Don't they look sweet?"

    Add Chas & Dave's tinkling "joanna" to proceedings and you have a show
    that's hard to resist. Hells bells, Bangers and his brother even fling sh*t in
    the title sequence!


     Know your chimps!

      Bangers wears a red tie with a capital "B".
      Mash wears a red T-shirt with a capital "M".



     » Lest we forget where we are, almost every episode opens with a shot
        of the family home, and the immortal line: "Here we are again at
       Number Three, Tree Street..."

     » For some reason, Mrs. Chum's telephone always seems to ring half-way
         through her lessons, requiring her to leave the room, and Bangers and
         Mash to lead the class astray...

» Dr Chinwobble's cure for flu: "Stay in bed for three days, take
       these tablets, drink plenty of coconut milk and have some
       lightly boiled bananas...".

» Now here's an in-joke. The tv series is directed by Ian Sachs.
         Hence this sports headline on Dad's newspaper:
        "Sachs save the game"

» Paul Groves has been flinging out "Bangers & Mash" books since
          the mid-1970s. There are very many titles available When the series
          first aired, he and artist Ed
McLachlan put together an additional
          range of tv tie-ins too...


Bangers & Mash episodes

     Eggs is Eggs                    Who Flew
     ABC for Chimps                Puddle Muddle
     Ghost Boast                    Chimperdale Farm  
     A Spell of Trouble             Bovine Bovver
     What a Shower                Footsteps in the Snow
     Caution, Chips at Work      Miracle Cure
     Buzz Off                         Snake in the Grass
     Good Clean Fun                Wind Trouble
     Space Race                     Tour De Chimpton
     Arty Crafty                      Phoney Postchimps
     Snitchnose Switch            Can't Sew for Toffee
Dance, Dance, Dance        Treat or Trick
     Little Lady Dance


             Ian Sachs
           Barrie Edwards
     exec producer:
   Graham Clutterbuck
to whom this series is dedicated
              Paul Groves, Edward McLachLan
                              based on the books by Paul Groves
     & backgrounds:
   Edward McLachlan
             John Riley-Cooper
                Chas & Dave
     asst director:
      Barry Macey
          Geoff Loynes
     paint & trace
         Mairie Turner
                Alma Sachs
             Lynne Sachs, Jo Behit
            Chris Lambrou, Steve Colwell
Mo Simons, Isabelle Perrichon
                Andi Sloss
     asst editor:
         Jacqueline Munro
     prod supervisor:
  Robert Dunbar
     prod manager:
    Miles Foster
     prod assistants:
  Simon Cox, Scott Heasmer
     prod secretary:
   Nimet Murji
          Jonathan Kydd


      On the web

      Shutterbug Studios

      Ian Sachs is part of Shutterbug now...

      Chas & Dave
      These chaps are a musical institution, here in the UK.
      This is their official site...

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