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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

Monster Fun Annual 1977
    Monster Fun Annual 1977
   The first Monster Fun Annual sports a fabulous Robert
   Nixon cover. Kid Kong wants 'nanas, 'nanas, and still
   more 'nanas from Santa for Christmas!

   Inside, the Kid gets his own eight-page adventure, in
   black and white and an extra green print, as drawn by
   Mr Nixon. Thomas Williams brings us a six page
   "Creature Teacher" tale too...

   There's also a brand new Badtime Bedtime strip,
   featuring six nursery rhyme spoofs, as drawn by
   Terry Bave. Those rhymes include:

   Little Jack Horner
   Humpy Dumpty
   Hey Diddle Diddle
   Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
   Little Miss Muffit
   Ba-Ba Black Sheep

   Also, look out for the opening papers which feature a
   double-page full-colour pre-hysteric romp starring
   the Little Monsters...

   Monster Fun strips:                       Joke pages:
    Art's Gallery                                   Film Funny
   Brainy and His Monster Maker         Frankie Stein Ticklish
   Creature Teacher
    Dough Nut and Rusty                      Monster Mirth
   Freakie Farm                                  
Puzzles & games:
                                            2 x MFun Puzzle Pages
   Kid Kong
   The Little Mosters                           
Spot the difference:
   Major Jump Horror Hunter
                Monster Mystery
   Martha's Monster Make-up
    Mummy's Boy
   Sam's Spook
   Teddy Scare
   Tom Thumbscrew
   X-Ray Specs

   Badtime Bedtime Story: 
Ye Badtime Bedtime
   Worsery Rhymes

   Guest strips & One-off Wonders:

Crafty Cat
   Day of the Apples, starring the Earthies
   The Robot Maker
   Stoneage Brit
   Survive All

   Adventure strips:
The Ice Monster's Coming!

   Terry and the Dactyl

Info pages:
   2 x Movie Monster guides



  Monster Fun
  Annual 1977
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Kid Kong
  by Robert Nixon


  Cover price:


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