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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

Monster Fun Annual 1978
    Monster Fun Annual 1978
    It's the second Monster Fun Annual, and again we kick off
    with a First Class front cover, courtesy of Robert Nixon.
    Kid Kong's such a 'nana!

   This year, Kid's main strip runs a mere 3 pages, printed
   in black and white and green - a bit disappointing, that.

   But there are two Badtime Bedtime stories to enjoy:

   "Starchy and Butch" is an eight-page triumph from the
   pen of Mike Brown. It's obviously spoofing that hit TV show,
   "Starsky and Hutch". Which means it isn't actually a
   story spoof at all. But who's complaining...?

   At least "Traffic Island" is a more literal bit of fun. It's
   billed as being by Robert Looney Stevedore...

   Monster Fun strips:                         Joke pages:
Brainy and His Monster Maker           2 x Cave Raves
   Dough Nut and Rusty
                        Monster Mirth
   Freaky Farm                                    Puzzles & games:
   Gums                                              Dough Nut and Rusty's
   Kid Kong                                         Twin Teaser
   The Little Monsters                           2 x Frankie Stein's
   Major Jump Horror Hunter                 Ticklish Allsorts
   Meanie McGenie
   Mummy's Boy                                 Spot the difference:
   Teddy Scare                                  
Dough Nutt's Dilemma
   Tom Thumbscrew                            Creature Teacher's
   X-Ray Specs
                                   Puppet Puzzler
                                                         Kid Kong's Double    
   Badtime Bedtime Story:                
Starchy and Butch                           Major Jump's Soccer
   Traffic Island                                    Shocker

   Terror TV:
Top of the Drop-outs

   Guest strips & One-off Wonders:

Hot Rod
   The Robot Maker
   Stoneage Brit

   Adventure strips:
   The Menace of Forumla X
   Terry and the Dactyl



  Monster Fun
  Annual 1978
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Kid Kong
  and Granny
  by Robert Nixon


  Cover price:


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