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  Fleetway Annuals & Specials

Monster Fun Annual 1979
    Monster Fun Annual 1979
   It's three in a row for our Kid, as the third "Monster Fun"
   annual has Kong on itts glorious green and yellow cover
   once more. That's a particularly fab portrait.

   This year, your £1.25 will have bought you Kid Kong strips
   from Robert Nixon, Robert Lee and Ed McHenry...

   And the 1979 Badtime Bedtime Story is "Boggles",
   as drawn by Group Captain (Mike) Brown...

   This year's award for Busiest Artist goes to Thomas
   Williams. He draws "X-Ray Specs", "Creature Teacher",
   "Ghost Town", and the Little Monsters puzzle pages.
   And speaking of those mini-monsters, Sid Burgon's
   two "Little Monsters" strips feature a full-page final
   panel that's filled with mischief...

   Meanwhile, this year's Comic Curiosity is a six-page tale
   from Alan Rogers. It's all about a schoolboy dinosaur
   called "Rex".

   Oh, and you might notice, there are no adventure strips
   this year...

   Monster Fun strips:                         Joke pages:
   Art's Gallery
                                     It's a Scream
   Brainy and His Monster Maker
           2 x Monster Mirth
   Creature Teacher
   Dough Nut and Rusty                        
Puzzles & games:
Draculass                                        2 x Frankie Stein's
Frankie Stein                                   Ticklish Allsorts
   Freaky Farm                                    

Spot the difference:
   Kid Kong                                         
The Little Monsters:
   The Little Monsters                          
Disappearing Tricks...
   Major Jump Horror Hunter                 
The Little Monsters:
   Martha's Monster Make-up                 Now You See It...
Mummy's Boy
   Teddy Scare                                      
Tom Thumbscrew                             
   X-Ray Specs                                    
   Badtime Bedtime Story:                   

   Terror TV:
Horror-tunity Shocks

   Guest strips & One-off Wonders:

   Fun Fear
   Ghost Town
   The Ghost Train
   Hot Rod
   King Arthur and His Frights
   of the Round Table
   Lunchin' Vulture
   Mucky Mick



  Monster Fun
  Annual 1979
  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Kid Kong
  by Robert Nixon


  Cover price:


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