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    Micky Mimic
    Micky Mimic
Clever Micky could impersonate anybody at will.

   That was the claim, but "anybody" usually meant British
   tv presenters, light entertainment and comedy stars from
   the Krazy era. Which meant we got Micky's versions of
   Bruce Forsyth, Tommy Cooper and Eddie Waring with
   only the occassional US tv import thrown in.

   Micky would dip into his briefcase and speedily don make-up,
   masks, wigs and costumes to mimic our favourites and turn
   the tables on various folk...

   Dr Who seemed to be a particular favourite, which ties in
   neatly to the Big Question the strip left unanswered: How on
   earth did  Micky fit so many costumes in that suitcase?
   This guy wore full-body suits and such, often 2 or 3 per story.
   Hmm. Methinks his case was impersonating a Tardis...

   In Krazy #1, Micky is inspired by the appearance of Mike
   Yarwood at the Krazytown Theatre. When he comes across
   a blithering idiot of a Park-keeper giving the kids in the
   playground too much grief, Micky dons his costumes to
   appear firstly as Columbo, then as Kojak and finally as
   Billy Bunter pretending to be a mobster.

   It was a convuluted attempt to send the old grump packing.
   But it worked.

   A flick through those Big Comic and Funny Fortnightly
   collections confirms that poor old Micky was not seen again
   once the strip had ended its run in Krazy. That must be
   because Micky's topical mimics pinned the strip down to
   a specific timeframe and made it difficult for Fleetway
   bosses to re-use and reprint at will



  Micky Mimic
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy #1
  16th Oct 1976

Alf Saporito

  Tag line:

  "He can


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