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  Jackpot characters and strips...

 MillyMilly O'Naire
    Milly O'Naire & Penny Less
This was a poor man's Ivor Lott & Tony Broke, with Milly
   playing the stinking rich one and purseless Penny the one
   without cash.

   Milly's high-faluting ways at Moneybags Mansion would
   inevitably see her coming a cropper, whilst  Penny and her
   parents would make-do and came out trumps each week.

   What can one say? This was very much the mixture as
   before, with Miss Milly scattering cash like it grew on trees,
   and poor penny-pinching Penny looking on agog.

   Penny LessPenny

   Ivor Lott and Tony Broke had originally been Cor!! stars
   before they transfered o Buster, so it all fitted snugly together
   when Jackpot comic merged with Buster in February 1982
   and Milly and Penny teamed up with Ivor and Tony to give
   us the longest Fleetway strip title ever seen:

   Ivor Lott and Tony Broke
   with Milly O'Naire and Penny Less

   In September 1985 that twisting title was cut down to size,
   dropping the girls name altogether - though they still
   starred in the strips. But at the beginning of 1987 the
   girls' luck ran out and they were dropped altogether.
   Still, they had lasted 8 solid years in the Fleetway
   comics, with the fabulous Sid Burgon holding the
   pen throughout their run...



  Milly O'Naire
  & Penny Less
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Jackpot #1
  5th May 1979

  Also seen in:

  Buster Comic
  Feb 1982 -
  Jan 1987

  Original artist:

  Sid Burgon


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