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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

     Father Christmas and the Missing Reindeer

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   Father Christmas
  and the
  Missing Reindeer
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   producers: Cosgrove Hall Films
2D animation
      run time: 24 mins


    "My reindeer... they've gone.. they've been stolen
     and if I don't get them back there'll be no Christmas!"


   It's Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is getting ready for his busiest night
   of the year. But something dreadful has happened. His reindeer have been stolen
   from their field. All that he has to go on are the tyre tracks left in the snow, and a
   scrap of paper, brought to him by a chirruping Robin.

   Yes indeed, Santa's all in a flap, but fortunately, he has a talking Magic Book
   who can help. The Book directs him to page 387 and a magic spell, which will
   bring his sleigh to life. And it conjurs up a magic trumpet, which only the
   reindeer will hear. And soon, Santa is taking to the air with his big red talking
   sleigh. But that sleigh is a little unsteady. He just misses a mountain or two,
   and a 747 before crashlanding in front of a young lad called Simon Watson. 
   And it's Simon who siezes the initiative. After a brief sidetrack with a herd of
   cows and a guest appearance for Santa at a children's party, Simon identifies
   the scrap of paper as having come from a circus poster.

   And that's our cue to visit the big top, where Father Christmas finds his
   deer, and the nasty ringmaster Mr Scraggins. This 'orrible individual has not
   only nicked Blitzen and friends, he's also nicked the deeds for the circus
   from a girl called Wanda. When he catches Simon hanging around his tent,
   he threatens him with some old-fashioned Circus Justice. He puts him
   in a cage with Daisy the big angry bear...

     The Sleigh    Mr Scraggins the Ringmaster

   This is a simple little Christmas adventure from Cosgrove Hall, and Millimage.
   The adventure is over before it even really begins. Scraggins is dealt with in
   double-quick time, Wanda gets her circus back, Simon gets home just in time
   for the evening's excitement, and Father Christmas is back to the North Pole
   just as quickly, ready for his annual tour. There's a bit of a game regarding
   the identity of the strange "Ho-Ho"ing man who wants his reindeer. But
   no one is fooled by Mr Nicholas' duffle coat disguise. Well, not quite everyone.
   The kids at the children's party think he's a useless Santa, and not a
   patch on Eric, the chap who was going to don the suit for them originally...

»The actors providing the voices - David Jason, Jimmy Hibbert, Susan
      Sheridan - are all Cosgrove Hall regulars.  


    Page 387

Want to bring a sleigh to life?
    Santa's Magic Book has just the spell:

    "If on Christmas Eve t'is found
     Not one reindeer's health is sound
     Then around the world you'll find your way
     By cruising, man, on the magic sleigh


   Further reading

   Tie-in book

   Father Christmas and the Missing Reindeer
   by Geoffrey B Sundquist / 32 pages / Picture Lions

   This tie-in book was published to coincide with the broadcast. It's interesting
   to note that it features an extra twist to events. Apparently, the magic spell  
   which brings the sleigh to life only last twelve hours:

   "If you haven't found your reindeer by then
   you'll have to walk home..."

   We are also told that the circus is actually Bingly's Circus. Again, this
   isn't referenced in the film...


     Father Christmas and

the Missing Reindeer on DVD

     UK DVD
Father Christmas and the Missing Reindeer
                Region 2 / Delta / November 2004


     Cosgrove Hall Films
     in association with Millimage and Itel

     exec producer:


     prod manager:
     computer graphics:
     tech co-ord:
     digital colour des:
     audio post-prod:
     video post-prod:
Jon Doyle
Jon Doyle
Brian Cosgrove
Chris Allen, Jimmy Hibbert, Jon Doyle
based on an original story by
Geoffrey B Sundquist
Richard Taylor
Chris Coady, Margaret Riley,
Paul Harrison, Michael Whaite
Keith Scoble
Laura Cosgrove
Colin Ralph
Phil Atack
Joan Jones
Hullaballoo Studios
4:2:2 Manchester
David Jason (Father Christmas / Mr Scraggins)
Jimmy Hibbert (Sleigh)
Susan Sheridan (Simon / Wanda )


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