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British Comic Strips
     Misty #27

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      publisher: Fleetway
      start date:
4th Feb 1978
       end date:
12th Jan 1980
                       101 issues

   "Filled with chills from the midnight world!'
   "Dare you read it alone!"


    Misty glided on to UK newsstands in February 1978. It was a Fleetway mystery
    comic for girls filled with creepy kids, sinister schoolteachers, mysterious artifacts
    threatening strangers, cloaked Victorian gentlemen, and ghostly goings-on.
    Its pages offered readers a good strong dose of old-fashioned frights, thrills,
    and chills. Nothing too squeamish was on show, the Misty artists always
    panned away at the terrible denouement, but that just made it all the more

Our host, Misty...

Welcome to the mysterious world of
MISTY,where the unusual is usual,
where the unexpected is expected,
where every thrill's a chill. Enjoy your
journey through these pages... and
the strange lands and people
you'll meet.
      Your friend,

   The comic was introduced by the title starlet, a seductive dark-haired femme
    fatale in the Hammer Film mold, who evidently relished the chilling tales she
    was about to unleash upon her readers.
 And what great tales they were!
    We had "The Moodstone" with Cathy Salmon, "Cult of The Cat"  which
    wove a tale around the mystery of Egyptian cat worship, "The Sentinels"
    concerned two crumbling tower blocks in a city suburb called Birdwood,
    and "The Body Snatchers" and "The Frankenstein Papers" and so many
    more. Yep. There were some  terrific titles on offer during Misty's short run:

    Hush, Hush Sweet Rachel
    The Doorway To Evil
    The Girl Who Knew The Fairies
    The Rise And Fall Of Anne Hughes
    The Salamander Girl
    The Secret Of Lan-Shi

    Each issue, an individual horror story like the ones above would be presented
    to us as a the weekly Nightmare. Light relief from all this creepiness came in
    the form of Miss T a regular toon strip about a useless witch and her minions,
    drawn by CJ.

    Sadly, "Misty" ran for just 101 issues. With her second birthday in her grasp she
    glided off into the mist from whence she came, merging with stablemate
    Tammy. But her legacy lived on through to 1986 in the form of a regular
    Fleetway Annual and a short run of 'Best-Of' monthly reprints..
    At the time, Misty was aimed primarily at young girls, but it now clearly has a
    male fanbase as well. Why? - Well, come on, girls in peril, schoolgirls in
    flimsy nightdresses, or school uniform being pursued by ghouls and ghosts
    and more? - You get the picture! - The covers were frequently fabulous, and
    featured shrieking heroines shying away from flailing hands, ghastly shadows
    and leering beasties. And then there were the Annuals, with those splendid
    covers featuring Ms Misty herself (The exception being the inaugural 1979
    edition which simply depicted a young girl in peril). Add these factors to
    Misty's comparatively short run and, as a consequence, the secondary market
    value for this title is rising dramatically.
    Fleetway/IPC delved into the horror market again, of course, with the
    bloodcurdling delights of Scream! But, personally, if I had to choose, Misty
    is the more successful. Scream! is a hoot, it thrusts its blood-soaked panels
    under your nose, keen to show you its gruesome horrors in all their inky glory.
    But Misty holds something back, teases you, and casts you adrift in the fog.
    And in the end your own imagination is more frightening by far...


   The mists part...

    So here we are in the noughties, and would you believe the midnight
    mists have parted once more... revealing... a Misty revival, thanks to the
    ongoing efforts of This fab fan site put together an
    all-new Misty special back in 2006 (you'll find it here).
And such has
    been its popularity that another is on the way. But beter still, the
    site has now been recognised by the current rights olders, Egmont,
    and it's now billed as the "official" home for all things Misty-related...

        Misty Annual 1979  

         Miss-T by CJ

Misty's Free Gifts
  #1 - Lucky Charm Bracelet
  #2 - Lucky Black Cat Ring
  #3 - Wheel Of Fortune Booklet

  Best Ofs
  Feb-Sept 1986 / 8 editions

  1979-1986 / 8 editions

  1978-1980 / 3 editions



      On the web

      Misty Comic
      An unofficial fan-site that's now been made official!...

      26pigs features more of Misty..

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