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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...

     Moana Lisa - what a picture!
    Moana Lisa
 Miserable old Lisa was no oil painting. She had a face like a
    wet week. She would gripe and complain about everything
    and drove her poor parents to distraction - what a miserable
    little cow!

    Moana and her thin Mum...

    In her first appearances Lisa had a black cloud hanging above
    her head all of the time. But this was dropped as the strip
    continued its run.

    Oh, yes. And take a look at Lisa's Mum, above, and compare
    her with a later image:

    Moana and her bigger Mum!

    See? - Clinical proof that Lisa's constant moaning stressed her
    out, made her put on weight and brought about an emotional
    change, from upright Mum prepared to take a stance against her
    wayward child, to shrinking softy, too emotionally scarred to
    offer resistance...

    Well, maybe not. It's more probable that those first strips were
    drawn prior to a full commission from the Fleetway bosses.
    It might also explain why, in those first strips the other
    characters always referred to our little griper as "Lisa", but
    in later ShSh strips they would call her plain old "Moana"

    And here's a final piece of trivia: Lisa appeared in all but
    the last issue of ShSh. The strip was actually dropped from
    that final copy, presumably to make room for all the gumph
    detailing the merger with Whoopee! But there's something
    rather satisfactory about seeing her cut short like that....



  Moana Lisa  
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Shiver & Shake #1
  10th March 1973


  Shiver & Shake #78
  28th Sept 1974


  Shiver & Shake
  1974 - 1976


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