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   Monster Fun logo
  First issue
   Sat.14th June 1975

   Last issue
   Sat. 30th Oct.1976

   Merged with...

   Free gifts
   #1 - Plate Wobbler

   #2 - Freaky Spider Ring
   #3 - Super Shaking Skeleton

Monster Fun Annuals
1977 - 1985

  Monster Fun
  comic strip

  1st issue

   Art's Gallery
   Badtime Bedtime
   Brainy and his
   Monster Maker
   Creature Teacher
   Dough Nut & Rusty
   The Invisible Monster
   Kid Kong

   Major Jump Horror
   March of the
   Mighty Ones
   Martha's Monster
   Monster Hits
   Mummy's Boy
   Tom Thumbscrew
   X-Ray Specs



   Frankie's Diary
   Freaky Farm
   The Little Monsters
   Sam's Spook
   S.O.S. - Save
   Our Stan
   Teddy Scare
   Terror TV


     Mad munsters!

Monster Fun Comic" was Fleetway's second attempt
     at a "munster"  title (fun strips themed around monsters,
     spooks and ghouls).
But sadly, like Shiver & Shake before
     it the fun lasted for a very short time. It ran for just
     72 issues before it was merged with "Buster" at the end
     of October 1976...

     Still, it was great fun whilst it lasted. "Monster Fun"
     introduced us to Kid Kong, Draculass, Gums the shark,
     and X-Ray Specs. Creature Teacher gaves us plenty of
     old school scares, whilst Tom Thumbscrew tortured us to
     tears. And let's not forget Martha, with her Monster
     Make-up from Mallet film studios...

     With so many top strips to choose from, picking a cover
     star proved ellusive. Over the course of the comic's run
Kid Kong,  Franke Stein, Gums, X-Ray Specs, Creature
     Teacher and Terror TV all took a turn on its coveted front
And then there were The Little Monsters, who
     originally appeared as a single cover panel before they
     were moved inside the comic and expanded into a
     fully-fledged strip.

     The race to track down a bigger readership meant that
     we had an endless parade of pull-out posters, mini-comics
     and games to make

     And adventure fans had one of Fleetway's very best to
     savour. March Of The Mighty Ones had man-made monsters
     rampaging the world well before "Jurassic Park" came to
     the fore...

     Which brings us on the the genius of those Badtime
     Bedtime Storybooks. Each week, a crazy new tale would
     premier in the centrepages, to cut-out and keep as a
     mini-comic. The tales were brilliant. Mad as hell. But
     brilliant, none the less...


     Dear Frankie...

     Editor-in-Chief was Fleetway fave, Frankie Stein who was
     on a bit of a role at the time. He was also to be found each
     week in the then rather lengthily-titled "Whoopee! and
     Shiver & Shake"


       Annual cover stars

       1977 - Kid Kong
       1978 - Kid Kong     
       1979 - Kid Kong   
       1980 - Frankie Stein 
       1981 - Frankie Stein
       1982 - Frankie Stein
       1983 - Frankie Stein
       1984 - Frankie Stein
       1985 - Kid Kong


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