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British TV series
Oh! Mr Toad!

    Oh! Mr Toad!     (1990)

producers: Cosgrove Hall for Thames TV
stop-motion animation
      episodes: 13 x 22mins

   "The clever men at Oxford know all that's to be known,
    But none of them know half as much as intelligent Mr Toad!"

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   Toad of Toad Hall gets his very own Wind in the Willows spin-off series.
   Well, sort of.

   Though here may be a title change, all of the regular faces and locations from
   Cosgrove Hall's stop-motion films and series are present and correct. Toad still
   has adventures with Ratty, Mole and Badger and the Weasels, and indeed, folks
   would do well to ignore the title altogether and simply call this "Series Five" because
   it follows on almost seamlessly from those four prior series. The only difference here
   is that the stories are now being told by Toad himself, recounting his exploits as
   he fills in his daily diary. They are therefore, Toad-centric, focusing upon the chap's
   amphibious antics as a would-be journalist, thespian, film director and more
   and always painting him in the very best of light, of course...
   Kenneth Grahame's Toad was an unforgettable creation in the book. And here in
   stop-motion form he runs riot, stealing almost every scene in which he appears.
   Voiced flamboyantly by actor David Jason, the lovable nincompoop injects a vibrancy
   and energy to the otherwise quite languid proceedings on the riverbank. If a day is
   rolling by too gently you can always count on Toad to steamroller through the
   tranquility with some newfangled obsession or problem, leaving chaos and
   confusion in his wake.
   Elsewhere Mole is still Mole, Ratty is Ratty and Badger just Badger. Nothing's
   changed. And that's just as well, because, there was nothing here to change.
   Cosgrove Hall's adaptation was flawless already, exquisitely modelled and
   fashioned and animated. The company were in their prime during this
   production period, leading the field in the UK, and Mr Toad is arguably
   their very finest stop-motion creation...

   Poop! Poop!

   Oh, okay. There is one big change. There's a fabulous little ditty sung by
   David Jason, over the end credits. It's a witty bit of oom-pah-pah from Keith
   Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe that encapusulates Toad's flamboyance
   just perfectly - Poop! Poop!

    Oh! Mr Toad!

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     1990 Observer Children's Award

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     Broadcast info

     The series premiered on ITV, on 20th January 1990...

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     See also

    The Wind in the Willows (feature)
    The Wind in the Willows (series)
    A Tale of Two Toads (feature)

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     Oh! Mr Toad! episodes

    The Chief's Return
                 Gypsy Toad
    Oarsman Toad
                       Hip-Hip Soiree!
    A Midsummer Night's Disaster
   Happy Birthday!
    The Complete Bunglar
             A Toad in Time
    Mr Toad of "The Times"
           Toad in Love
    Toad in Motion
Film Maker
    Piano-Roll Toad


     Oh! Mr Toad! on DVD

     The series is included is this handsome box set, where it's billed
     as being "Series Five"...

Wind in the Willows: The Complete Collection
           Region 2 / eleven discs / Fremantle / October 2008

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   based on characters created by Kenneth Grahame


assistant producer:
executive producer:





model character
design & sculpt:

model character


models, sets and props:

costume des:
 costume design:
production controller:
model camera: 
rostrum camera:

dubbing mix:

film editor:

assistant editor:

Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
Chris Taylor
John Hambley
Francis Vose, Jackie Cockle
Brian Trueman                             
Keith Hopwood, Malcolm Rowe
"Wind in the Willows" sung by Ralph McTell
Andrea Lord, Stuart Sutcliffe,
Paul Berry, Sue Pugh, Loyd Price,
Rachel Hall, Marj' Graham
Brian Cosgrove, Bridget Appleby,  
Peter Saunders, Colin Batty,
Clare Elliott, Ian Mackinnon,
Noel Baker, Pewter Bentley,
Marcia E. Pidgeon, Bridget Smith
Graham G Maiden, Pippa Greenwood,
Paul Simpson, Rowena D Kidd,
Jim Bridge, Rick Kent,
Jeff Spain, Steve Howarth
Nigel Cornford
Helen Plaumer

Beverley Bush
Chris Walker
Jerry Andrews
Peter Kidd
Ted Spooner
Nibs Senior
Geoff Lawson
David Jason (Toad)
Richard Pearson (Mole)
Peter Sallis (Ratty)
Sir Michael Hordern (Badger)
Brian Trueman
Allan Bardsley
Jimmy Hibbert
Daphne Oxford
Delia Corrie

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     On the web

     Pluto Music
     Info here on the sound studio owned and operated by Keith Hopwood
     and Malcolm Rowe, who wrote the songs and music for the series...

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