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     Napoleon Blownapart
    Napoleon Blownapart
 "Aaargg! - It's Napoleon Blownapart!"

   Created in delirious bad taste, this was the tale of a mad
   bomber who scampered around town blowing up indiscriminate
   targets with mischievious glee.

   Could this be drawn now? - No way. 

   Should it even have been drawn back then? - Probably not.

   But political correctness be darned, this was very funny -
   especially with all those fiddly details Mike Brown loved
   to add.

   Monsieur Blownapart appears just once in the 1978 Krazy
   Annual, and has disappeared altogether come the 1980
   edition. Given the Fleetway penchant for reprinting odd
   strips, it may well be that Napoleon appeared elsewhere
   - maybe even from as far back as thos Odhams days -
   prior to his arrival here. If you know his origins, do
   please let us know!



  Facts & Figures

  Seen in:

  Krazy Annual

  Original artist:

  Mike Brown


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