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      Night Mare
    Night Mare
    Night Mare was a ghostly horse ("nightmare", geddit?).
    Just like most ghosts in the Fleetway fun strips, he was
    a rather friendly chap, who was always keep to help bullied
    kids and put-upon adults to get revenge on their

    A horse in a horse? - It's Night Mare of course!

    Being a ghost, our friendly hoss could infiltrate objects
    to gee them along!

    And being a horse, he had a penchant for helping other
    equine pals. He helped a racehorse, a rag and bone horse,
    and once he even assisted some hungry zebras in
    a wildlife park...

    Basically, this fell into the same same format as Creepy
    Car, The Hand, and others. Indeed, you could quite easily
    replace the horse with the car or the hand - especially as
    all three were drawn by the masterful Reg Parlett.

    In Night Mare's case Reg produced some marvellous images
    of the horse, trotting in and out of panels, and galloping
    away to spook-tacular success.

     Way to go, Night Mare!



  Night Mare
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
  6th Oct 1973

  Original artist:
Reg Parlett


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