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British Comic Strips

        The Odd Squad

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The Odd Squad
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artist/creator: Allan Plenderleith
   appearances: greetings cards, calendars,
                          apparel and books from
                         1994 onwards...



    The Odd Squad are quite possibly the filthiest, muckiest, rudest characters
    ever to have graced a greetings card range. For the Odds, life revolves around
    bodily functions, toilet humour and a healthy dollop of sex. They're rude, crude
    and yucky to know, and show no shame as they take us on a guide to farting,
    show us the after-effects of booze and sex, or present us with the many and
    varied types of poo.
    Jeff, Maude, Lily, Alf, Billy, Dug and their dog were created by Allan Plenderleith
    in 1994. What started as a simple series of greetings cards designs snowballed
    in to a ludicrously popular licensing dream. They became the number one selling
    greetings card range in the UK, and to date have shifted more than 15 million
    cards, and around 600,000 calendars. Odd Squad mugs and apparellel have
    proven popular too. And the gang have plopped and farted their way through
    26 cartoon compilations, as published by Ravette Books.

    Allan Plenderleith is a busy chap, and in 2000 he brought us a one-off
    animated pilot for Chat, the Celebrity Cat produced by Bermuda Shorts as
    part of Channel 4's Animation Week. He has written episodes for the second
    series of The Lampies as well as Create TV's Little Robots. More recently,
    he's been co-writing on Funky Valley and Collingwood O'Hare have brought
    Alan's gregarious garden star, Gordon Gnome to our screens. He's also
    been directing his own very funny - and very adult - short films...


In the news

   The Hound: June 2004
    Allan Plenderleith on the Odd Squad and Gordon Gnome...


   Odd Squad books by Alllan Plenderleith, published by Ravette Books

    An Odd Squad bibliography

    The titles identified below have all been published in the
    UK by Ravette Books...

    1997 - The Odd Squad
    1998 - The Incredible Bulk: A Full Fat Odd Squad Collection
    2001 - The Real Kama Sutra by The Odd Squad
              The Odd Squad Little Boook of Women
              The Odd Squad Little Book of Men
              The Odd Squad Little Book of Sex
              The Odd Squad Little Book of Poo
    2002 - The Odd Squad Little Book of Oldies
              The Odd Squad Little Book of Booze
              The Odd Squad Little Book of Pumping
              The Odd Squad Little Book of X-Rated Cartoons
    2003 - The Odd Squad Butt Naked
              The Odd Squad's Big Poo Handbook
    2004 - The Odd Squad Gross Out
              The Odd Squad's Saggy Bits
              The Odd Squad's Sexy Sex Manual
    2005 - I Love Poo!
              I Love Sex!
              I Love Beer!
              I Love Wine!
    2006 - I Love Dad!
              I Love Mum!
              I Love Xmas!
    2007 - The Best of Jeff and Maude
              The Odd Squad's Disgusting Book For Boys
    2008 - I Can Make You Stupid

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    On the web

    Alan Plenderleith
    The creator's web site...

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