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On Christmas Eve

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On Christmas Eve   (1992)
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producers: Brian Cosgrove & Mark Hall
                   for Grasshopper Productions

2D animation
    run time: 25 mins


    "This story is dedicated to
     chimneyless children everywhere..."


    It's Christmas Eve and young Sasha and her father decorate their tree before
    she goes to bed. Sasha has her Christmas stocking at the foot of her bed,
    and her wish list close by in preparation for the arrival of Father Christmas.
    But she doesn't know she's being watched by a kind Christmas Fairy.
    And that's a fortunate thing, because the sprite has noticed that this
    house doesn't have a chimney for Father Christmas!

    Sure enough, in the added confusion of a snow-swept Christmas Eve,
    St. Nicholas looks like he's bypassing the house altogether. Only the
    Good Fairy can save the day. She must rally her clan and help guide
    Santa to Sasha's home in time...

      On Christmas Eve - beware of owls!

    "On Christmas Eve" was adapted from the picture book by Peter Collington.
    It was actually produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, but wasn't a true
    Cosgrove Hall film, rather it was an independent commission for Grasshopper
    Productions. The production strives to be another Yuletide classic film, in the
    same mould as "The Snowman" with which it shares many characteristics.
    There's no dialogue, for starters. Instead the aural void in the film is filled by
    an electro-symphonic score from Phil Slade. And the blue-tinted scenery and
    sequences with the owl and Father Christmas aloft on his sleigh have flown
    right out of that TVC classic. It's a pleasant enough film, though it's not
    quite the classic it wants to be...

» "On Christmas Eve" is one of three Collington books adapted by
        Grasshopper, the others being "The Angel and the Soldier Boy",
        and "A Small Miracle".

» Peter Collington's illustrations are extraordinarily detailed. Each panel
        is composed of thousand of tiny hatches of colour, to make them look
       almost like they're moving. It's similar in some respects to the work
       of Raymond Briggs.


      Further reading

      On Christmas Eve by Peter Collington
      Heinemann Young Books / October 1990

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      Broadcast info

      "On Christmas Eve" premiered rather appropriately on BBC1,
      24th December 1992, at 10.33am.
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      On Christmas Eve on DVD

     UK DVD
A Small Miracle/On Christmas Eve
                Region 2 / Grasshopper Productions double-bill / October 2008


 a Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall film for
      Grasshopper Productions

      based on the book by Peter Collington

     producers:              Joy Whitby, Brian Cosgrove
     director:                  Brian Cosgrove
     st. developed by:     Joy Whitby in conjunction
                                    with Cosgrove Hall
     music & theme         Peter Shade
                     Lon Satton
     animation dir:          Jean Flynn, John Offord
     storyboard:             Jean Flynn, John Offord, Keith Scoble
                                   with thanks to Alison De Vere
     layout:                    Ben Turner, Andy Roper, Jon Doyle, Jez Hall,
                                   Tom Bailey, Keith Scoble, Willard Kitchen,
     animation:              Jean Flynn, John Offord, Claire Grey,
                                   Alastair Fell, Mair Thomas, Ian Whitworth,
                                   Michael Whaite, Dave Livesey      
     asst animation:       Judy Pilsbury, Les Brooksbank,
                                   Bill Tapp, Stephen  Pleydell-Pearce
     backgrounds:          Margaret Riley, Ben Turner,
                                   Peter Hillier, Jon Doyle
     Xerox:                    Tony McAleese
     trace & paint sup:    Laine thomas, Laura Cosgrove
     colourist:                Joan Jones
     painters:                 Sue Halliwell, Helen Fraser, Carla Abraham
     rendering:               Jackie Mitchell
     titles:                      Ben Turner
     consultants:            Ann Kotch, Gary Hutton
     rostrum camera:      Peter Kidd, Phil Atack
     editor:                     Eilis Ward
     asst editor:              Jane Hicks
     dubbing mixer:         John Wood


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     David Higham Accoiates 
     Peter Collington's agents...

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