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  Short British Films &  TV Specials  

     Paddington Goes to the Movies

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  Goes to the Movies
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producers: FilmFair
   animation: stop-motion animation
      run time: 20mins


"..In view of the weather, 'Singin' in the Rain'
    sounded an ideal way of keeping dry..."


    In his first FilmFair special, Paddington is doing the weekly shopping for
    the Browns, when he gets caught in a storm and finds himself blown towards
    the entrance to the local Podium Cinema. And as coincidence would have it,
    "Singin' in the Rain" is the week's movie attraction (with Reginald Clove
    at the organ during the intermission). But alas for Paddington, the
    Commissionaire on the door informs that the film currently showing is
    an "A" certificate, which prevents him from entering on his own, because
    Paddington is only seven. Thus our little bear is moved on, but as he
    passes a side exit he hears music and investigates.. and discovers..
    a whole new way of life...

     The Commissionaire

    What follows is Paddington's finest FilmFair moment in which he reenacts
    Gene Kelly's titular dance from that classic MGM musical. And yes, it's that
    very same song, straight out of the film. And Paddington apes every beat
    of the original rain dance. He romances his umbrella, swings around a
    lamp post, and stands under a water chute. It even ends with a haughty
    policeman watching Paddington depart, after he's kicked his way
    through the puddles...

    It's a wonderful sequence, and frankly, negates any need to take the
    story any further. But because it occurs only a third of the way into
    this film special, we therefore continue with more shenanigans at the
    Podium cinema. Our young bear returns with the Browns that very
    same evening, whereupon he creates havoc with his emergency
    Magi-Toff toffee that's really glue, and he
somehow manages to get
    a marmalade sandwich into the film projector. Even so, Paddington is able
    to make amends by helping Reginald Kloves at the organ, and he and the
    Browns depart with applause in their ears and Paddington's newfound
    adoration for the cinema no less diminished...

    And likewise, our adoration for that magical sequence isn't diminished. 
    Paddington isn't the most flexible of bears. That stop-motion puppet has 
    quite stubby legs and arms that restrict his movement. Even so,
    Barry Leith and his then assistant Martin Pullen are able to get
    the fellow shuffling, jumping and tapping through the rain with terrific
    aplomb. It's a class act with which to crown a classic teatime tv series...
» In the cinema, Paddington reveals that his famous black hat was
        given to him by his uncle in Darkest Peru...

» Other films discernible on the reels outside the cinema projection room
        include "The Wild Bunch", "The Wild Geese" and "This Island Earth"...



    Singin' with the scissors?

    "Paddington Goes to the Movies" is Paddington's crowning FilmFair
    appearance. The animation is impeccable. But a curious object pops

    into frame, 27 seconds into the film. It's only there for the briefest of
    moments, on the right-side of our screen
. Let's take a look:

    A pair of scissors?!

    Oh dear. It's a pair of scissors, left in shot by the animators!


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   Current promos/tie-ins

Paddington Bear: Singin' In The Rain

   a Robert Harrop figure
    2008 is Paddington's 50th anniversary, don't you know. And to
    celebrate, Robert Harrop Designs have launched a range of collectable
    figures, as well as a rather desirable ltd edition music box. But before
    we get sidetracked with that beauty, in the heart of the range is this fab
    figure of Paddington taken from his famous film special. Ain't it great?
    Stockists for these figures include the fine folks at Boojog Collectables...


    Paddington Goes to the Movies on DVD

    In the UK, this classic film is paired up with "Paddington's Birthday
    Bonanaza" as a double-bill release:

     UK DVD Paddington Goes To The Movies
                Region 2 / double-bill /
Abbey Home Media / Oct 2007

    Paddington Goes to the Movies
     by Michael Bond

    a FilmFair presentation

     animated & directed by Barry Leith

    exec producer:          Graham Clutterbuck

                                    with grateful acknowledgement to Gene Kelly
    paddington theme:    Bert Chappel

    music at the organ:   Bill Davies
    sound:                     Ted Spooner
                                   John Wood Studios

                                   "Singin' in the Rain"
                                   courtesy MGM Films
                                   and Polydor Intl GMBH

    prod co-ordinator:     Barrie Edwards
                Martin Pullen
    editor:                      Martin Bohan
    assistant editor:        Andi Sloss

    as told by:                Michael Hordern


      On the web

Paddington Bear

      The official site for all-things Paddington related...

      Abbey Home Media
      Abbey distribute the UK DVDs...

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