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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...
 Parker blasts the birdies!
    Parker the Parky
The grumbling figure of a Park-Keeper was something of a
   Fleetway stalwart and Parker took the caricature to its
   extreme. This guy was nuts! - Almost every strip saw him
   kicking or thumping the "pesky kids" who sought to upset
   the order of his beloved park. He even went further on occasion,
   leveling a shotgun at the birds and - seriously - the boys
   as well - Outrageous!

   Of course, a uniformed Park-Keeper is rarely seen nowadays.
   You're more likely to see jump-suited greenkeepers, who just
   don't have the same attraction to mischievous kids. And a
   keeper like Parker would have been locked up by now, or
   more likely, hospitalized by the kids he was picking on...

     Parker on the rampage!    Parky title...

   Parker starred in the very first edition of Whizzer & Chips,
   back in 1969. He also put in appearances in two of the
   mid-70s Whoopee! Annuals, before the folks at Fleetway
   reinvented him for a new genration.

   You see,
 he was brought back as the lead in a later
   Buster strip called The Park. Our hero was just as bad
   tempered as ever, only, he didn't shoot people any more.
   He also gained a dozey young assistant, called Dogsbody.
   This new version was drawn by Tom Paterson and festooned
   with pongy socks and niffy deatils, in Tom's unmistakable

   But many folks still prefer this gun-toting original!



  The Parky
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  & Chips #1
  18th Oct 1969

  Also seen in:

  1975, 1976


  Funny Fortnightly
  Annual 1991

  Tag lines:

  "He's Rotten!"


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