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  Krazy characters and strips...

 Paws was a cheeky cartoon hound who would get involved
    in various "crazy" antics with other pets and humans. He
    was always scheming some way of getting one up on a
    neighbour, owner, vet, or another dog. But things usually
    ended up going awry along the way...

    To be honest, there was nothing particularly "crazy" about
    this pooch, but he proved popular with comic-buyers. He was
    present through-out "Krazy"s run, and for some time after the
    merger with "Whizzer & Chips". He also made a nifty duel
    appearance in both titles' annuals for a while.

      Paws Poster - click thumbnail for larger scan!

    Now this fine Paws poster first featured in the weekly
    edition of "Krazy" dated 23rd April 1977. It was one of a
    series of star portraits published in the title over two
    weeks, and it was reproduced a decade later on the back
    of the first issue of "Big Comic2 (11th June 1988). "Big Comic"
    was published fortnightly and featured 52 pages of reprinted
    Fleetway strips from across the spectrum of titles - "Paws"
    being one of them...

    And here's another little Paws gem unearthed in "Krazy" #3.
    It's a canine cameo drawn by Ian Knox in the Krazy Gang's
    pages. Rotten old Pongo Snodgrass is in disguise outside
    the gang's hut, but where exactly is he hiding?

    Cue our canine pal, who trots in to frame one and departs
    in frame two, after depositing a wake-up call upon our
    foul fumer - Superb!

    Paws pees on Pongo!

    Paws was drawn by "Styx" (Leslie Harding). And afterwards
    came a scraggy feline called Claws and, indeed, a tattered
    old crow called Caws!



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy #1
  16th Oct 1976


  1978 - 1985?


  Whizzer & Chips
  1981 - 1982

  Original artist:



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