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  Buster characters and strips...
Prambo was, of course, a spoof on Sylvester Stallone's
   movie hero, so prominent in the 1980s. Rambo in a pram,
   indeed. The young tyke in question sported huge muscles
   and a headband, just like our hero. And he was even called

   Little Sylvester would start most strips snuggled up inside
   his pram. But when duty called he would leap in to action, his
   muscles flexed and unbound and woe betide those on the
   end of his muscular tirade. This lad had some super-strength
   and agility!

   In his very first appearance (Buster, 26th Oct 1985), Sylvester
   tackles not one, but two, pilfering thieves. Percy the Purse
   Snatcher and Wally the Wallet Grabber are swiftly rounded
   up, and Mumsie's purse safely returned.

   An assortment of thieves, hoodlums and ne'erdowells
   met their match in Prambo. But normally, it was Mum
   and Dad who found themselves on the receiving end of
   a Prambo rant. You see, although he was a handy thief
   catcher, Sylvester was still primarily a baby, with all
   the expected baby traits to contend with. Only, in
   Prambo's case, even the slimmest of problems was
   blown into outrageous disproportion. And that includes
   no end of nappy humour and potty dsyfunction!

   This simple spoof was simply great great fun, and Steve
   Bright brought our star into over-exuberant life each week
   for almost two years
. The strip was eventually dropped
   when "Nipper" joined "Buster" in September 1987.



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
  26th Oct 1985

  12th Sept 1987

  Principal artist:
  Steve Bright

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